Saturday, February 12, 2011

Old-Fashioned Jewelry Box


The other day after my post about Toile, my blogging friend beast'sbelle commented the words below which inspired this post!

"And I love the toile inspired necklaces. A silly confession? I love finding old-fashioned necklaces that look like they could be from a fairy tale or period drama. When I wear them with my normal, everyday clothes, it gives my day a lift. I feel like the main character in a story. When I'm out and about, I feel like I'm hiding a secret from everyone. "I may look like my mild-mannered self, but you have no idea that I'm really Elizabeth Bennett right now." It makes it so much easier to deal with dishes, laundry and cranky kids when you're a heroine, too! :) Maybe I'll have to find a toile necklace to add to my collection. P.S. Does anyone else do something like this, or am I the only weird one?" - beast'sbelle

No dear, you are not alone, I do this all the time! I love wearing necklaces, other jewelry and doing my hair in period styles even just at home and thinking old-fashioned thoughts. I don't own anything really vintage but a few things with that old-fashioned charm. 

I'd like to share with you all what's in my jewelry box and a few things I've found online recently that I'd love to own!


In My Jewelry Box:

Blue Floral Locket
This lovely locket is my favorite item in my jewelry box. I posted about it after I found this $3 bargain at a Flea Market back in June. It's so pretty and delicate and I feel like Anne Elliot or Elinor Dashwood when I wear it!

Beads and Roses
Purple Roses
This lovely necklace I found at a thrift shop last Spring for about $1 and snatched it up right away. I love the delicate roses painted on the glass charm. The only thing is I've tried several different cleaners but just can't seem to make the tarnished silver chain sparkle. Any ideas?

Cute Miniature
Miniature Portrait
This little beauty features a tiny photo of me and my brother when we were just little tykes! I was four and my brother was an infant at the time. I recently found this pendant in my jewelry box and for lack of a gold chair I added it to a long ivory colored ribbon and voila! This necklace reminds me of the miniature portraits of the Georgian and Regency era, not unlike the miniatures Elizabeth Bennet saw of Mr. Darcy (and of Wickham) when she visited Pemberley.

Key to my Heart
Heart Key
I love this pretty little key with the heart in the top. I just added it to a silver chain and it makes a sweet little addition to any outfit. I love key pendants on necklaces, they always remind me of The Secret Garden. I love the idea that I have a key to my own Secret Garden where I can daydream to my heart's content!

Pretty Locket
Golden Locket
This simple costume locket has been in my jewelry box for years but I recently brought it out again and added it to a longer piece of pink ribbon. I love wearing this longer necklace with my pink blouses (like the one seen behind in photo). I love lockets and especially the idea of lockets filled with family photos being passed down from mother to daughter!

Pearl Buttons
Button Bracelet
This dear elegant bracelet was a gift from my longtime friend Amanda a few years back and I love the Victorian style button clasp and pearls!

Purple Cameo
I've wanted a cameo pin for so long and when I found this cute plastic cameo attached to a ponytail holder at a dollar store I couldn't resist turning it into a pin! Even though it's not perfect I do enjoy wearing it with my shawls and imagining Victorian ladies at afternoon tea!

Lovely Finds:

I found this Austen inspired necklace at Wickedpen's Etsy shop. It features "a lovely Japanese tensha bead and an orange quartz glass briolette, all on a brass finished 18" chain with lobster clasp." Can you just imagine wearing this delightful necklace to a ball or evening party? Wickedpen used to have quite a few Austen inspired pieces (like these earrings that I bought for my friend) but now the shop has dwindled a bit.

This brass skeleton key on a 16" brass chain is so lovely and again reminds me of The Secret Garden. I also love the idea that it might open an old-fashioned hope chest, china cabinet or magic wardrobe you can step through into Narnia!  

I adore lockets and this one honoring sweet Fanny Price from Jane Austen's Mansfield Park is so lovely! The cameo print is from a C.E. Brock illustration of Fanny picking roses in the garden for her aunt. Can't you just imaging hiding a flower petal, scrap of a love note, small photo or a lock of hair inside?

Another lovely locket, this time featuring a miniature drawing of dearest Jane Austen! This and the Fanny Price locket above can both be found at the Etsy shop Restaure. I had the honor of winning the delightful Mary Bennet journal from this shop. Raquel's items are so beautiful and all lovingly handmade for Austen fans alike! You can browse through more of her delightful items at her elo7 shop (similar to Etsy). 

Lovely finds from

Cameo Broachs
Cameo Broaches
I adore cameos of all kinds but especially broaches! There's such Victorian elegance and the feeling of days gone by in a beautiful pins like these!

Cameo Pendants
Cameo Necklaces
Cameos are lovely in many forms and colors. I'd love to have one of these lovely necklaces to add to my favorite dress outfits! Which is you favorite?

These are my favorites of the cameo necklaces I found. The blue cameo is particularly unique!

Miniature Portraits
These old-fashioned broaches feature Georgian and Regency style portraits! Aren't they lovely? I particularly like the painting of the sweet couple!

Key Locket
Key Locket
Combining my love of keys and lockets this necklace is so simple and beautiful! I've always liked the idea of a young man giving his fiancee a family locket or "key to my heart" pendant instead of a ring at their engagement. I think I must have read a book where a locket is given instead of the traditional engagement ring and I've always liked the idea. It also mixes well with my hope to wear my purity ring until my wedding day. And what a lovely family heirloom, a locket to pass down to future generations!

More Keys
Just a few more lovely key pendants, including one with a cameo one it!

Floral Locket
Floral Locket
Just another lovely Victorian style locket that I really liked. I can just invision it on an elegant lady, surrounded by lace from the lady's collar! How lovely!


So there's just a few things from my jewelry box and my wish list! Which are you favorites? What old-fashioned things are in your jewelry box?

I hope you enjoyed this bits of loveliness and have a great weekend!

Very Truly Your's,


Melody said...

I love cameos and lockets...:) Nice collection!

Hannah Prewett (beastsbelle) said...

What a fun post!! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves old fashioned things...and living in my imagination every once in a while. :)

There are so many wonderful pieces, I can't decide which one is my favorite. I feel like going jewelry shopping! :}

Anonymous said...

To clean jewelry you can use toothpaste! Rub it in and rinse really well. you'll be surprised how clean and shiny it becomes!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have to try that! :)

~Miss Laurie

A Candle to Read By said...

You have a wonderful collection and a lovely jewelry box. I love Cameos too. Thanks for taking the time to feature all of these!

Maya Laylla said...

I think this blog is awesome and I´m happy that I´m not the only person who like vintage and classical things :)

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