Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Irish Hers

Now that I've covered some of the great Irish Lads of period drama it's time for great Irish lassies of period drama. These ladies were harder to find but there's some noteworthy Irish born actresses here.

Irish Lasses of Period Drama

Sinead Cusack
Born and raised in Dalkey, Ireland, this actress was a favorite of Katherine Hepburn and she's been married to British actor Jeremy Irons for 33 years. I haven't seen her in many things but loved her as Mrs. Thornton in North and South! I also enjoyed her performance in the newest adaptation of A Room With A View (2007) and I've also seen her in the 1969 adaptation of David Copperfield. For Sinead acting was a family affair and I've seen her sisters Sorcha Cusack and Niamh Cusack in a few period dramas as well. And I just love their Irish Gaelic names!

Elaine Cassidy
Speaking of the newest A Room With A View (2007), I really enjoyed it and especially liked Irish born actress Elaine Cassidy who played Lucy Honeychurch. Her sweetness and lovliness filled each scene.

Catherine Walker
One of my favorite literary characters is Eleanor Tilney, and I really enjoyed the Irish born actress's portrayal in Northanger Abbey (2007). Apparently she was also in the modern romance film Leap Year which I'd really like to see because it takes place in Ireland.

Fiona Shaw
I almost forgot about this lovely Irish lady, a must have in period dramas! I just love her performance as the ultimate Mrs. Croft in Persuasion (1995). She was also great as Mrs. Reed in Jane Eyre (1996) and in Sherlock Holmes: The Crooked Man. I've also seen her in a couple more modern things and really enjoy all of her performances.

Maureen O'Sullivan
A darling of the silver screen, Ms. O'Sullivan was born in County Roscommon, Ireland. In many big screen black and white films as well as film and TV in her later years, my favorite role of hers is probably as sweet Jane Bennet in Pride and Prejudice 1940. I love this photo of her, she's so chic!

Maureen O'Hara
Probably the most well known Irish born actress with her bright red hair and roles in many big screen films, she is a legend. Some of my favorite films she was in: How Green Was My Valley, Mrs. Miniver, Miracle on 34th Street, The Parent Trap and the lovely Irish related film The Quiet Man.

These are just some of the amazing Irish born ladies of period dramas and films. Aren't they lovely?

Who are are your favorite Irish actresses?

Very Truly Your's,

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