Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Irish Hims

Yesterday when I mentioned to my silly dad that I was posting about Irish Hymns he joked "Are you going to post about Irish Hers too?"

While I'm certainly planning on doing a post about Irish Hers (Irish Lassies), I decided I'd do a post about Irish Hims (Irish Lads) first.

Let's take a look at Period Drama actors who were born in Ireland. Many of these still have distinct Irish accents when they speak.

Irish Lads of Period Drama

Ciaran Hinds
Probably my favorite Irish born actor (and the one with the coolest name!). Tall, dark, kind and a great seafaring gentleman, he is my ultimate Captain Frederick Wentworth in Persuasion 1996. He was also in such great period dramas as: Jane Eyre 1997, The Mayor of Casterbridge 2003, Amazing Grace, Sherlock Holmes: The Cardboard Box and was hilarious as Firmin (though not musically talented) in The Phantom of the Opera. He was also in Ivanhoe 1997, which I haven't seen yet but want to.

Michael Gambon
It totally surprised me to find out that British great Sir Michael Gambon was actually born in Dublin, Ireland. He may not have grown up there but because it's his birthplace I feel free to mention him here. His work in film and theater is amazing and he's been in some of my all time favorite period dramas! You'll recognize him in: Wives and Daughters, Gosford Park, The Lost Prince, Amazing Grace,  Cranford, and was delightful as Mr. Woodhouse in Emma 2009! He was also in The King's Speech which I look forward to seeing sometime soon.

Liam Cunningham
I wasn't surprised that this actor was born in Dublin, Ireland but I was surprised at how many period dramas he's been in! You might remember him from: Northanger Abbey 2007 (as General Tilney), A Little Princess 1995, The Abduction Club, Stranded (based on Swiss Family Robinson) and First Knight. He's been in a few other period dramas that I've seen but didn't like very well.

Hugh O'Conor
Speaking of Northanger Abbey 2007, another Irish born actor, Hugh O'Conor was delightful as Catherine's sweet brother James Morland. He's also in The Three Musketeers 1993, a family favorite.

Gabriel Byrne
A distinguished Irish actor, and I really enjoyed him as Friedrich Bhaer in Little Women 1994. He was also in Vanity Fair 2004, which I haven't reviewed yet because it's not a favorite of mine.

Cillian Murphy
If he's only been in one period drama you've seen then why is this guy on your list? Because he has amazing eyes, and I really like his name! I enjoyed him in The Way We Live Now and I've also enjoyed him in a couple more modern films.

Aidan Gillen
This Dublin born actor created an amazing rock star style as Carver Doone in the classic Lorna Doone 2000. He was also brilliant in Poirot: Five Little Pigs.

Kenneth Branagh
Another iconic British actor and director who I would never guess was born and spent the first nine years of his life in Belfast, Ireland. I just love his Shakespeare films: Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet and As You Like It.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Quite a popular actor (since his role in The Tudors, which sounds just awful), Jonathan was born and raised in Ireland and has that charming Irish accent. I enjoyed his early roles in The Magnificent Ambersons and Vanity Fair, even though the characters he plays are quite impetuous.

I'm sure there's many more Irish actors but these are just some that I enjoy.

Who are your favorite Irish actors?

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Anna Olivia said...

The High Kings are Irish hims! But they're not those kind of actors. Oh well. Does Broadway count? ;)

Miss Laurie said...

Don't worry Anna! The High Kings are so great they deserve their own post! They'll be coming up soon along with all my favorite Irish ballads. :)

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Melody said...

It's coincidental how you're doing all these posts about Ireland. My friend and I...oh how shall I explain this... Well, we each chose a character and we write each other letters set exactly 200 years ago. My character lives in Ireland, and sometime in the near future, we'll be getting together to 'act out' our characters. She's supposed to be 'coming to Ireland for a visit'. :) (She lives in Italy. haha)

And it really has nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day, we just wanted to do it over spring break.

Blythe said...

Jonathan Rhys Meyers doesn't look very good in glasses!

I saw him in a movie called "August Rush"
not a very wholesome,good movie for children skip the beginning and will probably be okay,except some bad language through it!

I loved his accent! He also as an awesome voice,except his music he sang in August rush wasn't my type of music!
I actually love anybody with Irish accents,dark hair and dark eyes!!!

Virginia said...

Liam Neeson is Irish.

Miss Laurie said...

So many lovely comments!

Melody, the letters you and your friend are writing sound like so much fun! I might be posting some place I'd like to visit in Ireland so if you have any suggestions of places to visit in Ireland let me know.

Farmgirl, I like his accent too but not a huge fan of his looks. I haven't seen too many of his films because they're often a bit over the top. I did like him in The Magnificent Ambersons, it was a difficult conflicted role to play but he did a great job.

Miss Virginia, I remembered Liam Neeson is Irish but I haven't seen him in very many period dramas. Also he said some things about C.S. Lewis and Aslan that I don't agree with. I'm not a huge fan. Thanks for mentioning him though.

Melody said...

Miss Laurie,
My character lives in Dublin, so it would be interesting to read a post about that. :) I really haven't done much research about it, sadly.

Melody said...

Miss Laurie,

Did you know that Ciaran Hinds was also Mr. Rochester in the A&E Jane Eyre from 1997? You might want to check that out if you like the actor! ;-)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...


I have seen Ciaran Hinds as Jane Eyre and enjoyed it for the most part but it wasn't my favorite adaptation. I haven't see that version in a long time though. I must have forgotten to mention this role of his!

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Melody said...

Which IS your favorite adaptation? =)

Miss Laurie said...

I've had a hard time pining down my favorite Jane Eyre adaptation. For years my family and I really enjoyed the version with Charlotte Gainsbourgh & William Hurt. But then my dad read the book to us and I saw the 1983 Zelah Clarke / Timothy Dalton version and liked that even more. While the 2008 Ruth Wilson / Toby Stephens miniseries is stunning and has many amazing features it's not been high on my list of favorites, I'm just not quite satisfied with it. I do look forward to seeing the new adaptation hopefully some time in April but I doubt that it will get as close to the book as some of the older adaptations.

Which is your favorite?

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Melody said...

I've only seen two so far! The 1983 version and the one with "Captain Wentworth". (And Harriet Smith. haha) There are things about both I like better than the other, and I've only read bits and pieces of the book. I think the acting, etc. was better on the 1997 one, but it was too short to have the whole story! And the 1983 one wasn't made as well and all, but it had more direct quotes from the book, at least what I read of it.

I'll be trying more version soon. :)

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