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Catherine Morland's Wardrobe Throwdown!

In Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey when heroine Catherine Morland arrives in the town of Bath her chaperon, Mrs. Allen, takes her shopping for a new wardrobe fit for a society debutante. In this Throwdown we'll be taking a look at the beautiful dresses and stylish outerwear worn by Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey (2007).  

To Play: Look at each of Catherine Morland's dresses out outerwear pieces listed below and vote for your favorites in the polls on the right hand sidebar. Vote for as many as you want. I'll post the results of the two polls next Saturday. Then leave me a comment telling me which articles of clothing you voted for and why you like them!

(Click on photos below to see dress details)

Catherine's Dresses:

#1. White Fullerton Dress
This is the dress Catherine wears at Fullterton when she's playing with her siblings, reading and gets invited to join the Allens on their trip to Bath.

#2. Striped Square-Neck Dress
Worn on her first eveing in Bath and under her blue spencer when she goes for a drive with John Thorpe.

#3. Sprigged Muslin Ball Gown
Catherine wears this to the Lower Rooms where she first meets and dances with Henry Tilney. This dress is straight from the book:
“Yes, I know exactly what you will say: Friday, went to the Lower Rooms; wore my sprigged muslin robe with blue trimmings — plain black shoes — appeared to much advantage; but was strangely harassed by a queer, half–witted man, who would make me dance with him, and distressed me by his nonsense.” - Henry Tilney, Northanger Abbey

#4. Green Trimmed Ball Gown
Worn at the ball where Catherine dances with John Thorpe, meets Mr. Tilney the second time and is introduced to Eleanor Tilney.

#5. Ruffled Opera Dress
Catherine wears this sweet dress with the ruffles on the sleeves and neck to the opera where Mr. Tilney scowls at her. She also meets General Tilney for the first time there.

#6. Blue Print Drop-Front Dress
Catherine is wearing this pretty day dress when Isabella tells her she's engaged to James and later when James Morland and John Thorpe leave Bath.

#7. Scooped-Neck Day Dress
Catherine wears this dress when Isabella tells about the disappointing news that she and James can't marry right away and won't be as rich as she had hoped. Later Catherine wears the dress under a spencer when she walks with Henry & Eleanor Tilney.

#8. Pink and White Ball Gown
Catherine wears this dress when she dances with Henry Tilney for the last time in Bath. Captain Frederick Tilney also introduces himself to Isabella Thorpe during this scene.

#9. Ruffled Neck Day Dress
Catherine wears this dress under her blue velvet spencer when she's driving to Northanger Abbey with Henry Tilney. Later in her room she takes off the spencer to change for dinner.

#10. Gold Evening Dress
Catherine wears this gold dress with the green trimmings to dinner her first evening at Northanger Abbey.

#11. Damask Inlay Day Dress
Worn at Northanger Abbey the day General Tilney leaves and Catherine spends a happy afternoon in the company of Henry and Eleanor Tilney which includes lots of laughter and taking tea before the fire.

#12. Green Striped Day Dress
Catherine wears this dress at Northanger Abbey when she's writing a letter to Isabella Thorpe. 

#13. Pale Blue Day Dress
Catherine is wearing this dress when she investigates Mrs. Tilney's room and is embarrassed when Henry finds her there.

#14. Checked Ruffle Dress
This slightly older styled dress is worn after Catherine goes back home during Mrs. Allen's visit and in the evening when she tucks her siblings into bed. To me it seems slightly reminicent of the white dress she wears at the very start of the film and gives the impression of Catherine being just a young girl again. 

#15. Blue Day Dress
Catherine wears this dress at Northanger Abbey when she walks and talks with Eleanor but more notably this is the dress she is wearing when Mr. Tilney calls at Fullerton and professes his love!

Catherine's Outerwear:

A. Pink Pelisse
Catherine wears this pink pelisse over dresses when she first travels from Fullerton to Bath and then later under a half-cape when she travels overnight from Northanger Abbey to Fullerton. 

B. Pale Blue Pelisse
Catherine is wearing this when she meets Isabella and John Thorpe and a few other times in the film such as when she walks with Henry and Eleanor Tilney on the lawn at Northanger Abbey.

C. Blue Velvet Spencer
Catherine wears this several times throughout the film such as on her drive with John Thorpe and her drive to Northanger Abbey with Mr. Tilney.

D. Cream Woven Spencer
Catherine wears with several times over her various dresses, most notably when she takes walks with Henry and Eleanor Tilney and on her shopping trip with Mrs. Allen.

E. Brown Spencer
Catherine wears this over a day dress on her first day at Northanger Abbey when she walks with Eleanor in the hermitage walk.

F. Riding Outfit
This is actually just the same Blue Velvet Spencer as above but the hat and high lace collar gives it the look of an elegant riding habit. Catherine wears this when she goes riding with Henry at Northanger Abbey and catches a glimpse of Woodston.

G. Brown Half-cape
Catherine wears this short cape over her pink pelisse on her overnight journey from Northanger Abbey to Fullerton. It ties in front with a hood that adds a bit more warmth from the chilly evening air.

Which of Catherine's dresses and outerwear did you vote for?

Would you wear any of her dresses?


BatZion said...

I love Catherine's outfits! I'd love to wear them... :)
Here are my favourites, and why I liked them:
#4: the green trimming combined with the white looks very sophisticated, yet youthful
#6: again.. the pleats and blue print is SO PRETTY!
#7: I LOVE scooped necklines!
#12: Very plain... relaxed... but pretty

C. Looks very classy. Pulls the outfit together nicely

Jessica said...

Catherine has such lovely clothes!
Love your Christmas blog header. :-)

Hannah said...

I love (almost) all of her outfits! Probably more than any other Austen-movie-heroine's dresses. Let's see... favorites are the White Fullerton Dress, Green Trimmed Ball Gown, and Green Striped Day Dress - simply because they're so pretty! =) If I ever make a Regency dress it will be styled after those. And the Pale Blue Pelisse and Blue and Brown Spencers for outerwear. I would love it if those were in style! =)

Meredith said...

What a great collection she has! I love #3 and #7 the most for the dresses, her hair is nicely arranged for those dresses too. And for outwear I like C - how nice that it can double as a riding habit too!

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