Friday, August 20, 2010

Why I Love Anne of Green Gables


I've been watching Anne of Green Gables and The Sequel the last couple of days. It's my sister's first time seeing the films and my mom and I haven't seen them in a long time.
I always forget how good these films are and I was surprised by how many tears were shed, I don't remember crying so much when I was younger. Must be I've got terribly sentimental since I've gotten older! :)

Anyway...without further ado here are some of the many reasons I LOVE Anne of Green Gables:


1. Because of the many predicaments that Anne gets herself into! Her first few weeks at Green Gables is an unending string of troubles and trials! I don't know how Marilla and Matthew stand it really, but most of the troubles Anne gets into are of her own making and usually have simple solutions. What wisdom is given to Marilla as she deals with her "Ann with an E"!


2. Because of lovely poetry! Indeed the film begins with Anne reading The Lady of Shalott. There are many other lovely poems and prose read or quoted in the course of the film. One of my favorite scenes is of Anne and her friends acting out Tennyson's Lancelot and Elaine.

"In her right hand the lily, in her left
The letter--all her bright hair streaming down--
And all the coverlid was cloth of gold
Drawn to her waist, and she herself in white
All but her face, and that clear-featured face
Was lovely, for she did not seem as dead,
But fast asleep, and lay as though she smiled. "
- Lancelot and Elaine by Alfred Lord Tennyson


3. Because of puffed sleeves! Anne is lovely in puffed sleeve ball gown. I love puffed sleeves and all the other beautiful clothes she and the other characters wear during the course of both films! I've decided I really want a plaid skirt and sweater set for this autumn!


4. Because of many heroic acts! Anne may make many mistakes but she also heroically saves lives and heals broken hearts. She finds solutions to many problems.


5. Because of much laughter! There are so many funny moments and witty humor abounds. I love seeing Marilla and Matthew smile - Anne brings so much joy to their dreary lives!


6. Because of beautiful girlhood portrayed. A film series where girls are not afraid to be girls and dream of being young women, loving wives and caring mothers. Girls are encouraged to make a difference in their communities as ladies of grace and beauty. A time when femininity is revered.


7. Because of beautiful scenery! The seasons change in brilliant color. Autumn is my favorite season so I very much enjoy seeing the bright gold, red and orange hues on Prince Edward Island. Below are three of my favorite picturesque views!





8. Because of the many friends made. L.M. Montgomery's cast of characters in her novels are so real to life as you read or watch it's almost as if you know them. Anne makes so many wonderful friends along the way, those life long friends, those "kindred spirits". For the viewer Anne herself is a true friend one we can laugh and cry with and jump for joy with! Anne is truly remarkable!

So....Why do you love Anne? What are your favorite Anne moments? Do tell! :)


Anna Olivia said...

Those are such beautiful photos! ~*~ Love that movie. I also love book, and the sequal. =) Priceless!

Hugs said...

I love the Anne stories so much that I can barely get the point across in words.

I have the films and the series of books as well. My favorite thing to do is to cozy up on a couch with a cup of cocoa over the Christmas holidays and watch one Anne movie after the next. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen them, they always warm my heart. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ANNE.

A close friend of mine who also enjoys the Anne movies always writes letters to me and addresses me as Anne. Then she closes her letter...Love, Diana. This is just a fun way for her to say how close our friendship is. Just as close as Anne and Diana's. How cute!

I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only adult who is head over heels for the Anne books and movies. Thanks for sharing the post.

kmeche1992 said...

Thank you so much for this lovely post! It was ironic because as soon as I watched this movie, you had just posted a blog about it. Both movies are so precious and I always want to jump in the movie with the beautiful scenery and the simplicity of that time period.

God Bless and thanks again.

Michaela said...

Oh, gorgeous pictures! Anne of Green Gables is a classic - one of my favorites. :) Have you seen any of the Chronicles? (Road to Avonlea?) I adore that series!- even more then the original movies...

Melody said...

AHH! Anne of Green Gables! =D That and the second one were my top favorite movies for years, until I saw Pride and Prejudice (1995) and they got moved down a space. ;-) I've loved Anne ever since I can remember - which was when I was 4.

L.M. Montgomery is similar to Jane Austen in that she comes up with a wide variety of very interesting characters.

Miss Dashwood said...

Favorite Anne moment? That would definitely have to be the scene where Matthew buys the dress for Anne ("puffed sleeves!") and she receives it. So. Sweet.

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