Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Post: Poems by Anne-girl

Old-Fashioned Charm

Anne-girl has very kindly applied her talents to writing a poem in honor of Mr. Dickens' birthday.

Dear Mr. Dickens,
We have a complaint.
Your books are twisty,
As are the plots you paint.

Dear Mr. Dickens,
You make us confused
Your plots batter us,
And our minds feel bruised.

Dear Mr Dickens,
We never get enough,
So please continue
To fill you books with stuff.

Dear Mr. Dickens,
Your characters are many,
But that's better then Hemingway,
He hardly has any.

Dear Mr. Dickens,
Your birthday draws nigh
We sing with a shout,
We sing with a sigh.

For Dear Mr. Dickens
You only have written,
20 books that we know of,
Unless others are hidden.

Anne-girl also wrote three lovely limericks about Charles Dickens characters:

There once was a beadle named Bumble,
Who's boy's would fret and grumble
Till one of them asked
For more, Bumble gasped
And down the stairs that boy he did tumble.

There once was a lawyer named Guppy,
Who went around like a lovesick puppy.
For Esther he sighed,
But she gently denied
That she would marry that lawyer named Guppy.

There once was was a an Aunty named Trotwood
And donkeys stomp over her lot, would.
She told them to shoo
Until she was blue.
But budge they not from her plot would.

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Anne-girl is the author of Scribblings of My Pen and Tappings of My Keyboard where she blogs about her creative writings. A clever poet, her witty style can be seen in her Ode to the Key of F Major and A Birthday Ode to Jane Austen.
Anne-girl, thank you so much for very sweetly writing these delightful poems!

Now, dear readers, it's your turn:
Try your hand at writing a limerick or two about your favorite Dickens character! 

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Melody said...

Hahahaha. Anne-girl, you are delightful. =) I loved Mr. Guppy's!

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