Saturday, April 21, 2012

Emma 2009 Costume Throwdown - Results

Top Three Dresses

These are the results of the Emma 2009 Costume Throwdown from last week.
Thanks for everyone who voted and commented! :)

Which of Emma's dresses are your favorites?
1. Orange Floral Dress 14 votes
2. Long Sleeve Coral Dress 9 votes
3. Christmas Party Dress 11 votes
4. Pink Long Sleeve Dress 7 votes
5. Turquoise Day Dress 12 votes
6. Coral Evening Dress 9 votes
7. Green Day Dress 9 votes
8. Ball Gown 17 votes
9. Gray Morning Dress 6 votes
10. Gray Morning Dress - Summer Spencer 10 votes
11. Brown Floral Dress 11 votes
12. Picnic Dress and Spencer 17 votes
13. Yellow Morning Dress 6 votes
14. Yellow Sprigged Dress 24 votes
15. Wedding Gown 10 votes
49 voters free polls

The Top Five Dresses

First Place - 14. Yellow Sprigged Dress
Worn during several scenes at Randalls and Hartfield (most notably the proposal scene!). Also worn on occasion with a yellow long-sleeve spencer.

Tied for Second Place - 8. Ball Gown
Worn during the ball in Highbury, the dress appears only in that scene but what an amazing piece it is!

Tied for Second Place - 12. Picnic Dress & Spencer
Worn during the picnic at Box Hill with a three-quarters-length sleeve striped spencer and a bonnet.

Third Place - 1. Orange Floral Dress
Worn at the Mr. & Mrs.Weston's wedding and again when Harriet first dines at Hartfield.

Fourth Place - 5. Turquoise Day Dress
Worn a few times during morning and afternoon scenes such as reading with Harriet, waiting for the Cole's invitation and visiting Harriet when she's sick.


The poll is still up so feel free to vote if you'd like here.

Did your favorite make it into the top five?
Out of these five dresses which is your favorite?


Mary Beth said...

The turquoise day dress was my favorite! :)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

i loved all of her costumes in this film. your blog is a lot of fun, i'm a new follower!

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