Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Have Been Very Remiss...

First a word from our sponsor, Mr. Henry Tilney:

I have hitherto been very remiss, madam, in the proper attentions of a partner here; I have not yet asked you how long you have been in Bath; whether you were ever here before; whether you have been at the Upper Rooms, the theatre, and the concert; and how you like the place altogether. I have been very negligent — but are you now at leisure to satisfy me in these particulars? If you are I will begin directly.”

“You need not give yourself that trouble, sir.”
“No trouble, I assure you, madam.” Then forming his features into a set smile, and affectedly softening his voice, he added, with a simpering air, “Have you been long in Bath, madam?”
“About a week, sir,” replied Catherine, trying not to laugh.
“Really!” with affected astonishment.
“Why should you be surprised, sir?”
“Why, indeed!” said he, in his natural tone. “But some emotion must appear to be raised by your reply, and surprise is more easily assumed, and not less reasonable than any other. Now let us go on. Were you never here before, madam?”
“Never, sir.”
“Indeed! Have you yet honoured the Upper Rooms?”
“Yes, sir, I was there last Monday.”
“Have you been to the theatre?”
“Yes, sir, I was at the play on Tuesday.”
“To the concert?”
“Yes, sir, on Wednesday.”
“And are you altogether pleased with Bath?”
“Yes — I like it very well.”
“Now I must give one smirk, and then we may be rational again.” Catherine turned away her head, not knowing whether she might venture to laugh.
- Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, Chapter 3


Now, after giggling excessively at Mr. Tilney's wittiness, I shall give one smirk (or perhaps something resembling more of a silly fangirl grin :D) and then I will be rational and get down to the business at hand.
I have been caught up in patriotic thoughts and guest post scribbling (more on that next week) and have been very remiss in not mentioning a few things from my fellow bloggers.

Period Drama Fashion Week at Elegance of Fashion

My dear friend Miss Elizabeth Bennet at Elegance of Fashion is hosting a Period Drama Fashion Week from July 8th-14th! During this event, which starts Sunday, Lizzy will be posting each day about the stunning historic fashions used in period dramas. Very exciting, can't wait! :)

Yet Another Period Drama Blog

M'dear Mouse...err...Amy Dashwood at Yet Another Period Drama Blog has completed her book Only A Novel (yes, title comes from my favorite Northager Abbey!) and is giving away one signed copy! Her giveaway ends Saturday so be sure to stop by before then for a chance to win. Her book is also available for purchase on Amazon! The excerpts she has posted from the book have been highly entertaining so I look forward to reading it very soon! 

And for those of you who have played my Double Puzzle Degrees of Separation Game your scores are up now. Thanks for playing and sorry it took me so long to tally your scores. If you haven't checked the game out feel free to play and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Hope ya'll had a lovely July 4th! 

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