Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Competition Winner and My Prizes

Not too long ago I posted about the Period Drama Trivia Competition BatZion was hosting at FHG Designs. Well, I entered the competition just for fun, never dreaming that I would win the grand prize!
BatZion made this lovely prize button for me which I've been proudly displaying on my blog. 
She also let me choose nine wallet size Period Drama Posters from. I was so excited when they arrived and asked BatZion if she'd let me post photos of them as I know all of you will enjoy these too! :)
These Period Drama Posters are just adorable! Well made, in pretty colors, laminated, each is a Keep Calm type saying from a different period drama. I had such fun choosing nine posters for my very own!

The Posters:

Sink Me! A poster that will make any member of the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel just melt! :)

Couldn't resist this delightful Return to Cranford saying!

There were several Pride & Prejudice (1995) sayings but this just struck my funny bone and I love the color!
"Oh my goodness! Everyone behave naturally!" (okay, okay, so that's from P&P 2005 but it's such a fun quote too!)

Advice from Marianne Dashwood in Sense & Sensibility (2008). 
"Can you play something else? Mama has been weeping since breakfast. ... I meant something less mournful dearest."

My sister loved this poster inspired by the Miss Potter movie! So cute! :)

Sounds like good advice to me! And Ever After is a long time favorite movie for me.

This lovely saying comes from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (which unfortunately I don't own on DVD), another long time favorite and the saying is just so much fun!

And I couldn't resist these two posters inspired by Persuasion (2007), especially the Captain Wentworth one! Much thanks to BatZion for getting these ready is a bit of a hurry when I inquired about them. :)
These little posters are just the right size to carry with you in your wallet or pocket for a little bit of period drama inspiration. The also fit nicely in a wallet sized photo frame for displaying in your room, office or on your refrigerator (get a frame with a magnet on the back). 

In short, I love these little posters! They are just the cutest things! 

Take a look at the whole line of Period Drama Posters at FHG Creations! BatZion has multiple posters from ten Period Dramas and will very soon have posters inspired by North & South (2004)! 
Thank you BatZion for hosting the competition and for my lovely prizes! 

Which is your favorite Period Drama poster?


Katelyn said...

Those posters look like fun! I should put some on my blog. Congratulations on winning the contest!

BatZion said...

I'm glad to see these have arrived! :) Thanks for putting up this post...

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