Monday, July 22, 2013

Answers to Period Drama First Lines Quiz

Period Bonus Question: Which period film is this photos from?

These are the answers to the Period Drama First Lines Quiz from last week. Sorry it took so long to get these up, it was a very busy weekend.

Period Drama First Lines:

"Robinson! Your master is unwell! You must stop at the very next inn we come to!" 
"Right you are miss!"

"Claire, who's that little girl?" 
"Oh dear!" 
"Poor little woman, she must have lost herself. Who do you belong to child?"

"Thank you. Oh, that's lovely. Be careful with those."
"Lady Russell!" 
"My dear Anne. You look quite done for."

Answer: Persuasion (2007)


"I think your sisters have drunk too much of the orange wine."  
"You can bring your sister. And your mother. Miss Austen...uh, Jane? Would you marry me and be mistress of Manydown?"

"Get up! Get up you lazy nag!" 
"Stop a moment!" 
"Wilber! Wilber, you're not well enough. For once let it pass."  
"If you leave your horse alone for an hour he might recover." 
"And who the h*** are you?"  
"Hold it. I've seen him speak in London. That's William Wilberforce."

"Do you truly love me?"  
"Trust me."

(second scene)
"You should prepare yourself. I have done all I can."  
"John, I'm so glad you've come."  
"Is it John?" 
"Here I am father."

"Lydia, Kitty?"
"My dear Mr. Bennet, have you heard the news? Netherfield Park is lent at last! Do you not want to know who has taken it?"  
"As you wish to tell me, my dear, I doubt I have any choice in the matter."

"999 indeed! I haven't heard of such a number for a house."

(second scene)
"Forgive my boldness, sir, but wooden leg or no wooden leg, you are this child's last surviving relative. Her father named you as guardian in his will."  
"Yeah. I don't dispute that. I merely point out that this house is a shrine to paleontology. There's no corner in it for a small girl - or her nurse."

Answer: Ballet Shoes (2007)


"Dear Mrs. Caldwell, my friend and neighbor, Mr. Gideon Hopkins, had the pleasure to make you acquaintance this summer on a ferry trip from Cyprus to Crete. If you are reading this, it means that his first suspicions have been confirmed. You, Mrs. Caldwell, are my mother. I trust I will be forgiven for not remembering when or why we parted."

"Mr. Shepherd, sir? When are we to be paid?" 
"In due course." 
"In due course? But these are outstanding."
"I'm aware they're outstanding, sir. That's why I'm here."  
"Mr. Shepherd, these bills go back for months and months!"

Answer: Persuasion (1995)


"Ho there! stop thieves!"  

(second scene)
"There is still time to reconsider my dear Miss Taylor. Come back home with us. James will not mind turning the carriage round and nobody you know will take it amiss."

Answer: Emma (A&E 1996)


"Hang it right man, hang it right!  And where have you been? Look at what I've got before me while you're out at your leisure. You tell me directly what have you been doing? Well? or I'll have you hit that corner as if you was 50 Pips and 500 Gargerys." 
"I've been down to hear the carols." 
"Carols is it? As if I wasn't a blacksmith's wife and a slave with her apron never off, I should've been to hear the carols. But too busy I am bringing you up by hand! Why do I do it?"

"Steady! Whoa! Whoa!"  
"There you are miss."  
"Whoa! Walk on! Walk on!"
"Silence in court!" 
"Now we come, not for the first time, to Jarndyce and Jarndyce."

Answer: Bleak House (2005)


"Good day to you, Mrs. Norris."  
"Sir Thomas. Sister, I hope I find you well."  
"The carriage will call for you in quarter of an hour." 
"And you have a vast way to go to meet the child. Northampton is full eight miles, so I am told."

Answer: Mansfield Park (1983)


"It's alright Saleem. One day you'll fly over the water like it's nothing, I promise."

"Oh my gosh!" 
"That's impossible! I'll take it up there now." 
"Don't be stupid, none of them will be up for hours and what difference will it make? Jimmy will do it when he comes in."

(second scene)
"Six o'clock!" 
"Thank you Daisy. Anna!"  
"For just once in my life I'd like to sleep until I woke up natural."

"Are you alright?"  
"Inside, quick!"   
"Look out!" 
"Jack look out!"  

Answer: Lorna Doone (2000)


"...there's twelve. Here, take it. Small fortune."  
"Thank you, sir. He'll be very grateful to you."  
"So he should. Tell him I expect to see a return on my investments very soon."

"I will die."  
"St. John?"  
"I found her at the door."  
"She's white as death!"

Answer: Jane Eyre (2011)


Players Scores:
Lydia - 140 points
Issy - 110 points
Anne-girl - 100 points
Melody - l00 points
Rhoswen Faerie Wrose - 100 points
Ania - 90 points
Kiri Liz - 90 points
Petie - 90 points
Tillie - 90 points
Emma Jane - 60 points
Abby - 50 points
Hamlette - 30 points

Thanks for playing everyone!


Stephanie said...

I only knew a few of these :) I need to catch up on my period dramas!
By the way, my blog has a new name, and I don't think it's showing up in the blog feed!

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll be doing many more posts soon, Miss Laurie! <3 I've recently discovered your blog and it's quite a charm.


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