Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Regency Accessories

Here they are, the promised photos of the reticule and handkerchief I purchased at the Jane Austen Festival in July. 

My new Reticule with basket bottom. I greatly admired this style last year and am so pleased to have one of my own now!

The reticule has plenty of room for the fan I purchased at the Festival last year and the handkerchief. It might also fit an iPhone or camera perfectly for easy photo taking.

Fan I bought last year - it really came in handy this year in the hot weather!

Pretty blue butterfly detail on the handkerchief.

My Regency collection is building! The goal for next year is to have a dress to wear. ;)

What color dress would you pair these items with? 


Larissa said...

Those are beautiful! I would think a pale or rose pink dress would work well, but I am not very fashionable. My sister-in-law had a regency themed wedding- maybe I should ask her.

Anonymous said...

I think it would go beautifully with a deep pink or wine colored dress. I did make me a regency gown a few years ago. I just need to do some adjustments on it. Do you know of anywhere that you could purchase the shoes, leggings, and such? I made my own chemise and corset. I love to make stuff like that.

Homeschool Mom said...

The reticule, perhaps a mauve or burgundy dress. A yellow would be lovely with the fan.

Ivy said...

Oh how pretty! :)

I think a rose colored dress or blue would look good.

Would you use the reticule for an 'everyday' purse?

Analiese said...

Mmm...something pale blue and white would be very pretty with the fan. :) Thank you for sharing - I love your new accessories!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous reticule! I agree with pale blue, but then I am partial to blue. Love your blog.

Miss Littlefield said...

I love the reticule. I really want to make myself a basket reticule this year. Not only are they beautiful, but it seems like they would support the weight of a camera or phone better than a traditional reticule. I think that a light brown with a soft red or pink pattern would be pretty with the accessories.

~Miss Littlefield

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