Saturday, April 26, 2014

Faces Of Period Drama Game {5} - Answers!

These are the answers for the Faces Of Period Drama Game {5} from last round. Y'all did amazing on your guesses! Thanks for playing!

Period Drama Faces:

Face #1
Actor Name: Emily Blunt
Character Name: Queen Victoria
Period Drama: The Young Victoria

Face #2
Actor Name: David Morrissey
Character Name: Colonel Brandon
Period Drama: Sense & Sensibility (2008)

Face #3
Actor Name: Juliet Stevenson
Character Name: Mrs. Augusta Elton
Period Drama: Emma (1996)

Face #4
Actor Name: Michael Fassbender
Character Name: Mr. Edward Rochester
Period Drama: Jane Eyre (2011)

Face #5
Actor Name: Alex Kingston
Character Name: Mrs. Bennet
Period Drama: Lost In Austen

Face #6
Actor Name: Michael Gambon
Character Name: Lord Charles Fox
Period Drama: Amazing Grace

Face #7
Actor Name: Sinead Cusack
Character Name: Mrs. Hannah Thornton
Period Drama: North & South (2004)

Face #8
Actor Name: Derek Jacobi
Character Name: The Grandfather
Period Drama: The Old Curiosity Shop (2007)

Face #9
Actor Name: Tamsin Greig
Character Name: Miss Bates
Period Drama: Emma (2009)

Face #10
Actor Name: Rufus Sewell
Character Name: Will Ladislaw
Period Drama: Middlemarch (1994)

Face #11
Actor Name: Imogen Poots
Character Name: Fanny Austen Knight
Period Drama: Miss Austen Regrets

Face #12
Actor Name: Denis Lawson
Character Name: John Jarndyce
Period Drama: Bleak House (2005)


Players Scores:
Miss Sneyd - 320 points
Esther Romaine - 300 points
Birdie - 280 points
Kristine - 280 points
Melody - 280 points
Arwen Undomiel - 270 points
Emma Jane - 260 points
Sadie - 210 points
McKenna - 200 points
Naomi Bennet - 150 points
Molly - 120 points
Evie Scott - 80 points

1 comment:

Naomi Bennet said...

Thanks for the game! Oh OF COURSE! I could have known that last one! :-)

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