Saturday, May 3, 2014

Period Drama Character Name Game {1} - Answers!

There are the answers to the Period Drama Character Name Game {1} from last week. Great job on your guesses everyone! Scores are below. New game coming up!

Period Drama Characters:

#1. Dick Dewey
From: Under The Greenwood Tree

#2. Lucy Honeychurch
From: A Room With A View

#3. Allan Woodcourt
From: Bleak House

#4. Dorothea Brooke
From: Middlemarch

#5. Henry Crawford
From: Mansfield Park

#6. Sybil Crawley
From: Downton Abbey

#7. Charles Darnay
From: A Tale Of Two Cities

#8. Barbara Spooner
From: Amazing Grace

#9. Gilbert Blythe
From: Anne Of Green Gable series

#10. Sophia Croft
From: Persuasion

#11. Gabriel Oak
From: Far From The Madding Crowd

#12. Matilda Jenkyns
From: Cranford, Return To Cranford

#13. Henleigh Grandcourt
From: Daniel Deronda

#14. Denise Lovett
From: The Paradise

#15. Robert Martin
From: Emma

#16. Edith Adelon
From: The Inheritance 

#17. Louis Trevelyan
From: He Knew He Was Right

#18. Laura Timmins
From: Lark Rise To Candleford

#19. Caractacus Potts
From: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

#10. Danielle De Barbarac
From: Ever After

Players Scores:
Eleanor Rose - 200 points
Miss Sneyd - 190 points
Birdie - 160 points
Chloe Cruz - 160 points
Kristalyn - 150 points
Melody - 150 points
Sadie - 150 points (you ended up playing again and got 90 points!)
Kiri Liz - 140 points
McKenna - 120 points
Arwen Undomiel - 100 points
Naomi - 100 points
Hamlette - 80 points
Kimberly - 50 points 


Emma Jane said...

Oh! It looks like I played while still on Sadie's account, so that's why Sadie played twice. So the first time Sadie played, it was actually me, Emma. :-)

This game was fun! Thanks! :-)


Naomi Bennet said...

Thanks for the game! I wasn't very good at it- because I haven't seen so many movies- but I liked the game anyway.
I always love playing games- so I'm always in for a treat every weekend. :-)

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