Sunday, November 2, 2008

Degrees of Separation in Period Films

I'm addicted to period films and really have nothing better to do tonight then to mark out degrees of separation between actors and films. I would recommend all of these to you as great films and pieces of literature if you've never seen them before. No pictures this time but have fun anyway!

10 Degrees of Separation
Felicity Jones was in Northanger Abbey with
JJ Feild who was in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby with
Charles Dance who was in Bleak House with
Carey Mulligan who was in Pride & Prejudice with
Rosamund Pike who was in Wives & Daughters with
Justine Waddell who was in Mansfield Park with
Hugh Bonneville who was in Miss Austen Regrets with
Olivia Williams who was in Emma with
Samantha Bond who was in Mansfield Park with
Sylvestra Le Touzel who was in Northanger Abbey with
Felicity Jones!

9 Degrees of Separation
Colin Firth who was in The Importance of Being Earnest with
Dame Judi Dench who was in Cranford with
Simon Woods who was in Pride & Prejudice with
Keira Knightley who was in King Arthur with
Hugh Dancy who was in Daniel Deronda with
Jodhi May who was in The Mayor of Casterbridge with
Ciaran Hinds who was in Persuasion with
Simon Russell Beale who was in An Ideal Husband with
Rupert Everett who was in The Importance of Being Earnest with
Colin Firth!

9 Degrees of Seperation
Jeremy Northam was in The Winslow Boy with
Gemma Jones who was in Sense & Senibility with
Emma Thompson who was in Much Ado About Nothing with
Richard Briers who was in Victoria & Albert with
Jonathan Firth who was in Middlemarch with
Rufus Sewell who was in Amazing Grace with
Ioan Gruffudd who was in The Forsyte Saga with
Corin Redgrave who was in Persuasion with
Sophie Thompson who was in Emma with
Jeremy Northham!


The Editrix said...

Lol! Too funny!

It's good to see you posting again - it's been a while. : )

So Hugh Bonneville was MP99! I saw him recently in Daniel Deronda and I kept trying to think where I had seen his face before! Now I know. . . well well, Mr. Rushworth. . . he looks really different in Daniel Deronda, still I'm surprised I didn't recognise him.

K-aty said...

Is "9" the magic number? Because Jodhi May was in a film with Colin Firth which would have given you a shorter degree of separation if it is a circular thing. Jodhi May was in The Turn of the Screw with Colin Firth.

LadyBug-Laurie said...

I forgot that Colin Firth was in The Turn of the Screw, but I guess I wouldn't have mentioned that movie anyway as I find it so dark and ugly and probably wouldn't suggest it to others though the subject manner was handled fairly well.

Loved Hugh Bonneville as Rushworth, it was such a different role after seeing him in Daniel Deronda!

This post just goes to show that IMDb is one of my favorite sites! It's good to be posting again, my time is very limited recently.

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