Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Under the Umbrellas

mp 3sm

“I only wonder how the good people can keep it up so long. They had need be all in love, to find any amusement in such folly; and so they are, I fancy. If you look at them you may see they are so many couple of lovers—all but Yates and Mrs. Grant—and, between ourselves, she, poor woman, must want a lover as much as any one of them." - Tom Bertram, Mansfield Park

I didn't particularly like this adaptation. I thought several of the characters were very well cast (with the exception of Fanny) and they did a fairly good job of condensing a long book but it still needs a good miniseries like S&S had. I'd perhaps even settle for Andrew Davies adapting it (this is one he hasn't done yet, this and Persuasion).


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