Thursday, January 8, 2009

Front Hall


"...and this kind of discernment enabled her soon after her arrival at Barton decisively to pronounce that Colonel Brandon was very much in love with Marianne Dashwood." said of Mrs. Jennings, Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility

Poor Colonel Brandon! In the photo above he has no idea what he's in for. In the very next room is the girl he's going to fall in love with and eventually marry, along with the friends who will tease him endlessly! ;)

Here's what Marianne has to say about him when Mrs. Jennings says Colonel Brandon is in love with her:
"Colonel Brandon is certainly younger than Mrs. Jennings, but he is old enough to be my father; and if he were ever animated enough to be in love, must have long outlived every sensation of the kind. It is too ridiculous! When is a man to be safe from such wit, if age and infirmity will not protect him?"

And what a total turn around when at last Marianne marries Colonel Brandon. What perfect equality of mind and taste.

"Colonel Brandon was now as happy as all those who best loved him believed he deserved to be; -- in Marianne he was consoled for every past affliction; -- her regard and her society restored his mind to animation, and his spirits to cheerfulness; and that Marianne found her own happiness in forming his, was equally the persuasion and delight of each observing friend. Marianne could never love by halves; and her whole heart became, in time, as much devoted to her husband, as it had once been to Willoughby."


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