Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Videos


Recently I've been really enjoying films from the Jost family on their YouTube page JostieFlicks.

The Jost family are Christians who have 11 children (I love big families!) and they also sing as a family. The films at JostieFlicks feature three of the older siblings as they do comedy sketches, music videos, and other fun clean things.

Here are two of their videos that I wanted to share this Valentine's Day!

Jostie Flicks - A Single's Valentine
Some people call February 14th Singles Awareness Day which is I think is pretty funny. As a single young lady waiting for the Lord's best I know that really the worst thing about Valentine's Day is the lack of chocolate! This fun music video features the lovely Emily Jost and her brothers singing about this lack of chocolate!

Jostie Flicks - Love You
Valentine's Day isn't just for romance, it's also a great day to make sure and tell your family and friends how much you love them. This sketch is a great reminder of this. You might need to grab a tissue though!

Jostie Flicks - Better Together
Many things are better together: Valentine's Day & Chocolate, Romeo & Juliet, Cheerioes & Milk? I thought this was cute!

I hope you enjoyed these bits of fun! Make sure to check out their JostieFlicks page on YouTube for more fun videos!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Michaela said...

I know the Josts! :D

Miss Laurie said...

Michaela, that's really cool! They're so fun to watch, my sister and I love their videos!

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