Thursday, March 17, 2011

Irish Ballads: Red Is The Rose

Red Is The Rose

Come over the hills, my bonnie Irish lass
Come over the hills to your darling
You choose the rose, love, and I'll make the vow
And I'll be your true love forever.

Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows
Fair is the lily of the valley
Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne
But my love is fairer than any.

'Twas down by Killarney's green woods that we strayed
When the moon and the stars they were shining
The moon shone its rays on her locks of golden hair
And she swore she'd be my love forever.

It's not for the parting that my sister pains
It's not for the grief of my mother
'Tis all for the loss of my bonny Irish lass
That my heart is breaking forever.

This video is of The High Kings singing Red Is The Rose, for radio, on the street in New York City. I love their acapella version, their voices blend together so beautifully it made me teary eyed!

Song History: This is an Irish variant of the Scottish ballad Loch Lomond and is sung with the same melody but different (although similarly themed) lyrics. It was popularized by Irish folk musician Tommy Makem. Even though many people mistakenly believe that Makem wrote "Red is the Rose", it is a traditional Irish folk song.

Singers: The High Kings, again! My own opinion is that Finbarr starts this song out because of his family's relation to the song. It makes me think of his uncle Liam Clancy singing with Tommy Makes. I just love their version it's so sweet!

What's your favorite version of this song?

Did you have a good St. Patrick's Day?

Irish Blessings,

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