Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Period Drama Film Tournament - Round Five

Welcome to Round Five of our Period Drama Film Tournament presented by Old-Fashioned Charm & Elegance of Fashion

This is the next to the last round so if you're just joining us visit the Main Tournament Page for info about this tournament. Much thanks to everyone who has linked to the tournament using one of the official banners!

This round we are down to the Final 4 contestants! The contestants were randomly matched up to be voted on in 2 Polls. Polls are split up between our two blogs so don't forget to vote in both of them.

-Polls on Elegance of Fashion -
Vote in Poll 1 on Elegance of Fashion

Poll 1: Sense and Sensibility (1995) vs. Persuasion (1995)

-Polls on Old-Fashioned Charm -
Vote in Poll 2 on Old-Fashioned Charm

Poll 2: Pride & Prejudice (1995) vs. Anne of Green Gables (1985)

This tournament has progressed so fast! Are you all as excited as we are to see the winners?

Who are you voting for?


Melody said...

I don't think Anne stands a chance against P&P. Which I'm glad for, but Anne was my favorite movie for years, before I saw P&P! But *sigh* I *do* like P&P more now... My blog isn't about L.M. Montgomery, after all. ;-)
But I'm very glad Anne got that far!

Mel said...

Go Anne :)
This is most likely a terrible thing for an Austen fan to say but...I don't think P&P 1995 is as great as everyone else seems to think. Don't get me wrong i think its a beautiful mini-series and I have watched it many times and enjoyed it. It just isn't that great- for me.
I can't wait to see which film will be the winner, it's already quite interesting. I didn't expect some of the films that are in this round to still be here- but I am glad that they are :)

Melody said...

I like it because it's so much like the book, for one thing. (As very much opposed to the 2005 version...)

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