Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two Big Milestones!

Two big milestones reached today! 

Firstly, I am 24-years-old today! Happy Birthday to me! I'm celebrating with a quiet family party and trying to keep cool in the heat and humidity.

Then, Old-Fashioned Charm has officially reached 180 followers!

Many thanks to all of my blogging friends for your support and encouragement as I continue to blog about "Everything old-fashioned under the sun!" 

Hope you're having a lovely summer! More reviews and posts coming soon!

Very Truly Your's,


Abby said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a lovely day: quiet family parties are my favourite way to celebrate :) And congratulations on reaching 180 followers! Keep up the good work, I always enjoy reading your blog.


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Laurie! And Congratulations on 180 followers!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!!! :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! :) God Bless you!

Child of God said...

Dear Miss Laurie,

Happy Birthday!!! May you seek God with all your heart this coming year.

Blessings on your special day,

Hannah E.

Mel said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a lovely and blessed day!
And 180 followers, that is great! Congratulations!


Jemimah C. said...

Have a happy, happy birthday, Miss Laurie! May God continue to bless you and use you to bless others. Congratulations for reaching 180 followers!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!
May you have a day full of blessings and happiness!!
BTW I love your blog!! (:

Charity U said...

Wow! A late happy birthday, and congratulations on all those followers! :) Your blog definitely deserves them all. :)

Maria Elisabeth said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Thanks for the insightful comment. I know that we aren't supposed to feel sorry for Charlotte, but I can't help it. I think I feel sorry for her more because she consciously chose to marry Mr. Collins, than because she ended up married to him. It says something about her heart and understanding and also of the position she was in that she had to resort to such an option.
And yes, I've always thought that with a nice houseful of children she will be happier; and maybe (just maybe) paternal pride will make Mr. Collins into a more sensible character. But that's not likely, unfortunately.

Maria Elisabeth said...

Another comment!

Actually, I wish that Charlotte could have married Colonel Fitzwilliam. Aside from her lack of fortune, it would have been pretty much perfect. But she had to go for silly Mr. Collins. Perhaps he'll conveniently die off or something............

(My apologies if my imagination is running away with me. It usually does.)

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