Saturday, February 1, 2014

Answers to Faces Of Period Drama Game {3}!

These are the answers to the Faces Of Period Drama Game {3} from last week. All of you did very well! Thanks for playing!

How many of these films have you seen?

Period Drama Faces:

Face #1
Actor Name: Elizabeth Garvie
Character Name: Elizabeth Bennet
Period Drama: Pride & Prejudice (1980)

Face #2
Actor Name: J.J. Feild
Character Name: Frank Cheeryble
Period Drama: The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (2001)

Face #3
Actor Name: Felicity Jones
Character Name: Catherine Morland
Period Drama: Northanger Abbey (2007)

Face #4
Actor Name: Arthur Darvill
Character Name: Edward "Tip" Dorrit
Period Drama: Little Dorrit (2009)

Face #5
Actor Name: Harry Lloyd
Character Name: Herbert Pocket
Period Drama: Great Expectations (2012)

Face #6
Actor Name: Rosamund Pike
Character Name: Jane Bennet
Period Drama: Pride & Prejudice (2005)

Face #7
Actor Name: Matthew Goode
Character Name: Brooke Burgess
Period Drama: He Knew He Was Right

Face #8
Actor Name: Daniela Denby-Ashe
Character Name: Margaret Hale
Period Drama: North & South (2004)

Face #9
Actor Name: Andrew Buchan
Character Name: St. John Rivers
Period Drama: Jane Eyre (2006)

Face #10
Actor Name: Samantha Bond
Character Name: Lady Rosamond Painswick
Period Drama: Downton Abbey

Face #11
Actor Name: Rupert Penry-Jones
Character Name: Captain Frederick Wentworth
Period Drama: Persuasion (2007)

Face #12
Actor Name: Michelle Dockery
Character Name: Erminia Whyte
Period Drama: Return to Cranford (2009)


Players Scores:
Esther Romaine - 330 points
Birdie - 300 points
Emma Jane - 270 points
Melody - 270 points
Miss Elizabeth Bennet - 270 points
Sarah Grace - 270 points
Hayden - 220 points
Stephanie - 220 points
Jemimah Davis - 210 points
Kiri Liz - 200 points
Naomi - 190 points
Sadie - 190 points
Maddie Rose - 150 points
Livia Rachelle - 140 points
Hamlette - 70 points

1 comment:

Melody said...

OHHH YEAHHHH. I knew the whole time I was watching DCTP that I recognized George Wickham... but I never bothered to look up the actor. That's what he was in...

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