Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Film News: Victoria and P&P&Z

There's lots of new period dramas being filmed but these two upcoming productions caught my attention and I wondered what y'all thought of them.

According to The Guardian this new ITV drama is set to be an 8 part series that focuses on Queen Victoria's early life "...from her accession to the throne at 18 through to her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert." Also The Mirror said that "The series will begin with a 90-minute episode followed by seven one-hour episodes."

Cast will include: Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria, Rufus Sewell as prime minister Lord Melbourne, Paul Rhys as Sir John Conroy, Peter Firth as the Duke of Cumberland, Catherine Flemming as Queen Victoria's mother the Duchess of Kent, and Eve Myles as Mrs Jenkins (the Queen’s senior dresser). No news yet on who will play Prince Albert or any other important historic characters. 

My Thoughts: Queen Victoria is my favorite British monarch so I'm very excited about them making a new series about her life. I'm a fan of Jenna Coleman's work from Doctor Who (TV series) and Death Comes To Pemberley (2013) so I'm very pleased with her being cast as the Queen (she also looks a little like the real Queen Victoria)! Really hoping of course that this series is more like my favorite Victoria & Albert (2001) or The Young Victoria (2009) and steers clear of inappropriate content. But either way I am loving the glimpses at the costumes!!!


Elizabeth Bennet meets guts and gore...erm, not my cup of tea really. However I did enjoy watching the first half of the first trailer that has been released. I think I'd like to see a version with all of the extra blood and gore cut out, that would be interesting. The actors seem fairly well cast for their roles so it will be interesting to see what fan videos come out of it. I haven't read the book but I did attempt reading Sense & Sensibility and Sea Monsters and that wasn't too bad really. 

My Thoughts On The Cast:

  • Lily James as Elizabeth Bennet - Really enjoyed her as Cinderella (2015) and her career seems to have just taken off with Downton Abbey, P&P&Z and a new version of War & Peace! I actually quite like her looks as Lizzy - dark hair, fine eyes, youthful figure - and she does look 21 as Lizzy is supposed to be. 
  • Sam Riley as Mr. Darcy - I've never seen him act but he doesn't seem quite handsome enough to be Mr. Darcy, and the character in this film seems far too dark and mysterious.
  • Matt Smith as Mr. Collins - I think this is the most brilliant casting out of all of these actors, he has such awkward comedic timing!
  • Douglas Booth as Mr. Bingley - Really enjoyed him as Pip in Great Expectations (2011) and I can sort of see him as the kind Mr. Bingley.
  • Jack Huston as Mr. Wickham - You might recognize him as Doctor Charles Haden in Miss Austen Regrets. He would definitely make a charming Mr. Wickham.
  • Charles Dance as Mr. Bennet - Not quite the Mr. Bennet of the book, but this version seems to be a clever warrior. 
  • Bella Heathcote as Jane Bennet - She looks very sweet!
  • Ellie Bamber as Lydia Bennet - A red-headed Lydia is a neat idea! And I did look it up to see if she's related to actor David Bamber (Mr. Collins in P&P 1995) but she's not. 
  • Morfydd Clark as Georgina - I assume this is supposed to be Georgiana Darcy? Either way this actress is also up and coming with Arthur & George, P&P&Z and she'll star as Frederica Vernon in Love and Friendship!


So what do you think of these two period dramas that are coming out?


Miss Dashwood said...

To be honest, I don't think P&P&Z "deserves the compliment of rational opposition," so I won't bother remarking on it, but I have high hopes for the Victoria series!!

Quinlyn said...

I'm really looking forward to Victoria! I enjoyed The Young Victoria and I think that it's a great idea to make a miniseries about her younger years because it was a lot to cover in one movie and now they can expand the story. I've only seen Jenna Coleman in Death Comes to Pemberley but I think she's an excellent choice for Victoria--she's got that necessary sass and spunk.

I'm not sure I'll be watching P&P&Z because I don't care for zombies but I find the premise really interesting and also kind of hilarious. Elizabeth Bennett & Co. as sword-wielding warrior women? Sign me up! I love the idea of Lily James as Elizabeth and Matt Smith as Mr. Collins. I also love Charles Dance and I think he'll put such a great twist on what we know as Mr. Bennett.

Miss E said...

I.am.SO.excited!!! =D Huge fans of JC and Matt Smith and Lilly James so hopefully these live up to my expectations.

Naomi Bennet said...

I'm excited for The Victoria one, although I don't think she looks as much like Victoria as Emily Blunt did. :-D

But the P&P&Zombies one? Nope. :-D Like you, though, I really enjoyed the first half of the trailer. :-) And that last picture of Jane and Bingley's wedding is adorable! Love all the dresses.

~ Naomi

Daniela said...

I'm looking forward to the film about Queen Victoria, I love her and that period of the european history, the other finds me quite puzzled .... but I'm going to watch it also, that's sure !
Thank you Miss Laurie for your so interesting reviews,
have a wonderful day

Homeschool Mom said...

Miss Laurie, I think the revisiting of these historical and literary characters suggests the enduring appeal of history, biography and literature. I enjoyed the previous productions about Victoria that you have noted. I'm with you--why do we have to have the adult content? I don't understand the need to add zombies, vampires and other unholy fabrications. I guess that is my age (53) showing. Historical accounts have enough authentic harsh realities without adding something on that order. Philippians 4:8! Sorry to be a grouch!
Your blog is beautiful, encouraging and helpful!

Katelyn said...

I'm really excited about Victoria! I love that era of history. The Young Victoria is my favorite film about her early life, so I can't wait to see how this plays out.
P&P&Z......not so much. I am not a zombie fan. I did watch the trailer with a friend, but, while an interesting take on the classic, I most likely won't watch it.

Laura, The Start of a Good Life said...

I'm excited about the Victoria series, I agree with you though- i hope they keep it clean! I loved Jenna Coleman in Dr. Who and completely forgot she was in Death Comes to Pemberley! Thanks for these updates on period dramas!

OldFashionGirl said...

I have to admit I made it 1/4 way through the P&P and Zombies trailer and had to shut to off! lol I think the dresses are great, but I am not sure the plot will be up my alley! The Victoria series looks good though! I had not heard of that one! I am a HUGE fan of the Young Victoria, so we will have to see how this compares! Hopefully, they will focus on different areas. And in greater details since its a series! I am also looking forward to the new War and Peace miniseries, so if you have any news or updates on that, please do share!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that cast for Victoria is fantastic! I'm not too sure about P&P&Z however. I tried to read the book and couldn't finish it. I thought it was rubbish. I'll probably end up watching it anyway, however, because I'm such a period drama fanatic, lol.

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