Friday, December 4, 2015

Period Dramas Pet Quiz - Answers!

These are the answers to the Period Dramas Pet Quiz from last week. Ya'll did a wonderful job with your answers! Thanks for playing!

Period Dramas Pet Quiz

1. In which period drama does a cat swallow a bowl full of buttermilk and lace? 
a. Wives & Daughters
b. Cranford
c. Lark Rise To Candleford

2. In which period drama does the heroine's aunt promise to give her a pug puppy when she gets married? 
a. Persuasion
b. Sense & Sensibility
c. Mansfield Park

3. In The Young Victoria, Queen Victoria has a spaniel named what? 
a. Darling
b. Dash
c. Duke

4. Which Jane Austen hero is said to have "...a large Newfoundland puppy and two or three terriers..." that come to meet the heroine when she first visits his home?
a. Mr. Darcy
b. Mr. Knightley
c. Mr. Tilney

5. In Oliver Twist, who has a dog named Bull's-Eye? 
a. Fagin
b. Bill Sykes
c. Mr. Bumble

6. In which period drama does the Mrs. Forrester have a cow she calls "Bessie Dearest"? 
a. Cranford
b. Wives & Daughters
c. Lark Rise To Candleford

7. Farmer Oak has a sheep dog named Old George in which period drama? 
a. Far From The Madding Crowd
b. Under The Greenwood Tree
c. Tess of the D'Urbervilles

8. In Anne of Avonlea, what is the name of Anne Shirley's cow that Matthew gave her? 
a. Daisy
b. Duchess
c. Dolly

9. Which fine lady in Cranford dresses in matching outfits with dog? 
a. Lady Ludlow
b. Mrs. Jamieson
c. Miss Galindo

10. What is the name of the Earl of Grantham's yellow Labrador retriever in Downton Abbey? 
a. Isis
b. Iris
c. Ivy

Players Scores:
Miss Sneyd - 10 points
Lucy Amanda - 9 points
Melody - 9 points
Heidi - 8 points
Rose - 8 points
Birdie - 7 points
Hamlette - 7 points
Lois Johnson - 7 points
Naomi Bennet - 7 points
Emily Blakeney - 6 points

Emily Ruth - 5 points

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