Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Period Drama Dress Quiz {January 9th} - Answers!

These are the answers to the Period Drama Dress Quiz {January 9th} from two weeks ago. Sorry it's taken me awhile to post this, I've been through a lot recently. Hope you had fun, y'all did a great job guessing these dresses! Scores at the end of this post.

Period Drama Dresses:

Dress #1
Answer: Margaret Brown, Lark Rise To Candleford

Dress #2
Answer: Emma Woodhouse, Emma (2009)

Dress #3
Answer: Jane Austen, Becoming Jane

Dress #4
Answer: Jane Eyre, Jane Eyre (2011)

Dress #5
Answer: Jo March, Little Women (1994)

Dress #6
Answer: Margaret Hale, North & South (2004)

Dress #7
Answer: Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables

Dress #8
Answer: Lady Dedlock, Bleak House (2005)

Dress #9
Answer: Marguerite St. Just, The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982)

Dress #10
Answer: Gwendolyn Fairfax, The Importance of Being Earnest (2002)

Dress #11
Answer: Lady Sybil, Downton Abbey
(I know, it's not a dress! Haha!)

Dress #12
Answer: Molly Gibson, Wives & Daughters


Players Scores:
Miss Dashwood - 24 points
Naomi Bennet - 24 points
Issy - 22 points
Melody - 22 points
Miss Sneyd - 22 points
Cordy - 19 points
Sadie - 17 points
Kelly-Anne - 12 points
Faith - 10 points
Katelyn - 10 points
Kimberly Grace Bowman - 9 points
Rae - 6 points
Evy Cartyr - Thanks for playing!


Naomi Bennet said...

Why! I got them all right! :-)

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you, Miss Laurie! It was lovely to join in the fun...{{Smiles}}

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