Saturday, April 30, 2016

Period Drama S Quiz

In this fun little quiz all the answers start with S and the questions come from various period dramas. Have fun!

To Play: Read the questions below and guess the answers. All answers start with the letter S. Leave your guesses in a comment and I'll respond with your score. You may only guess once for each question so think hard about your answers before you respond! Answers to this game will be posted next Saturday.

Scoring: 1 point for each correct S answers. Highest possible score is 10 points!

Period Drama Quiz Questions:

1. What double S initials are the first and married last name of Mrs. Elton's sister in Emma?

2. What S is the English county that Emma Woodhouse lived in?

3. What S is the first name of Mr. Rivers in Jane Eyre?

4. What S is the name of the country vicarage Jane Austen lived in as a child?

5. What S is the surname of young Miss Harriet in Emma?

6. What S is the surname of Esther in Bleak House?

7. What S is the name of the Lone Ranger's horse?

8. What S is the name of a fictional seaside resort and the title of an unfinished Jane Austen work?

9. What S is the first name of Miss Grey, the rich lady Mr. Willoughby married in Sense and Sensibility?

10. What S in the surname of Anne in Anne of Green Gables?


Lois Johnson said...

1) Suckfield?
2) Sutcliffe
3) St. John
4) ?
5) Smith
6) Summerson
7) ?
8) Sandition
9) ?
10) Shirley

Esther Romaine said...

#1 Didn't remember this one, but on looking it up found it most amusing.

#2 Surrey

#3 St. John

#4 Steventon

#5 Smith

#6 Summerson

#7 Silver

#8 Sanditon



Miss Sneyd said...

1. Selena Suckling
3. St. John
5. Smith
6. Summerson
7. Silver
8. Sanditon
9. Sophia
10. Shirley

The Girl with the Gold Pen said...

5. Harriet Smith
10. Anne Shirley

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