Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Casting News for Emma!


So I really wanted to post today but was having a hard time thinking what to post about. Then I wandered over to my favorite Jane Austen blog and found out there's a new article containing three cast members for the new Emma.

Say hello to:

Ramola Garai as Emma Woodhouse
Other period films: Daniel Deronda, Nicholas Nickleby, Amazing Grace (to name just a few, the article states that she was also considered for the role of Elizabeth Bennet but lost to Keira Knightley)
Points in her favor: handsome, clever, probably rich, played a lovely saucy character in Daniel Deronda and can probably pull that off as Emma, has a pretty singing voice as evident in Daniel Deronda.
Points against her: she's on the wrong side of 25 making her technically too old to play 21-year-old Emma Woodhouse, and personally I've always found her feet too large looking on screen. Her acting is also rather affected, a bit like seeing the same character over and over and she has a tendacy to whine a bit.
Taken all together: Ms. Garai might very well do a lovely job, I think she can tap into the saucy side of Emma but also be kind and loving. Also we don't absolutely have to a blonde Emma as this particular actress looks very natural as a brunet as well as a blonde. I also know people have been wanting her to be in a Jane Austen adaptation for quite a while now and now to be a heroine - her time has come!

woodhouse 6
Sir Michael Gambon as Mr. Woodhouse
Other period films: Wives and Daughters, Cranford, Sleepy Hallow, The Lost Prince, Amazing Grace (among the hundreds)
Points in his favor: years on acting experience, lovely humor, and generaly adds a comfort and greatness to everything he's in.
Points against him: let me see...nope, can't think of any...
Taken all together: I think he's going to make a wonderful Mr. Woohouse, complaining and fearful for everyone's health but still quite lovable!

Jonny Lee Miller as Mr. Knightley
Other period films: Mansfield Park 1983, Mansfield Park 1999 (not much else, mostly modern things)
Points in his favor: he's the right age for Knightley and ten years older than Ramola Garai, rugged jaw, wild hair.
Points against him: he's rather "too piano for me", definitely not the fine figure of a man that Mr. Knightley should be. He also isn't that becoming astride a horse, his acting in Mansfield Park was a bit dissapointing.
Taken all together: I have serious doubts about him as Knightley, but time will tell.

The article also mentioned that filming will begin sometime next week in Surrey and Kent. What excitement!



Mia said...

How exciting!!!
Thank for the update :)
By the by, I love your blog!

Andrea said...

I didn't know that another Emma movie was in the making. This is indeed exciting. I can't wait. Thanks for sharing this info. Have a blessed Palm Sunday.

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