Monday, April 13, 2009

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!

I'm sure this is becoming an old subject but there's yet more cast for Emma 2009 announced. These castings are just wonderful, I can't wait to see them on the screen!

Blake Ritson as Mr. Elton
Thoughts: I enjoyed him as Edmund Bertram in the latest Mansfield Park adaptation, he was really one of the few castings I did enjoy because he even in interviews just seemed to understand the essence of his character and Jane Austen's meaning. I have a bit of trouble seeing him as Mr. Elton but I think he could add some sympathy to the character which we don't normally see in other adaptations. It will be kind of strange seeing him with fellow Edmund Bertram star Jonny Lee Miller, now we just need my favorite Nicholas Farrell to be cast as say Mr. Cole or Dr. Perry and we'll have all three Edmunds in the same film!

Mrs Elton 3
Christina Cole as Mrs. Augusta Elton
Thoughts: Ms. Cole is very good at capturing the snooty attitudes of character as evident by her portayal of Blanche Ingram in Jane Eyre 08 not to mention her as Caroline Bingley in Lost in Austen series. It's rather refreshing to see someone younger and who can give Emma a run for her money in the beauty line as well. Showing how very little Mr. Elton did suffer after Emma's refusal of his marriage proposal!

Rupert Evans as Frank Churchill
Thoughts: I really enjoyed him in North & South as Frederick Hale (Margaret's brother) and am so glad to see him turning up in other period films. Funny he's in another adaptation by script writter Sandy Welch. I think he will be excellent as Frank Churchill and again I might end up liking Mr. Chruchill better than Mr. Knightley. ;)

Laura Pyper as Jane Fairfax
Thoughts: A new face to period drama but she already has the eyes and complexion for Jane Fairfax, and I look forward to seeing her performance.

Louise Dylan as Harriet Smith
Thoughts: Young, blonde, pretty, and based on looks, perfect to be Emma's little friend. Although perhaps a bit older than 17 she certainly looks younger than any Harriet we've seen before.

I'm getting more excited about this Emma adaptation and I'm just hoping for as lovely costumes and scenery as there is cast so far. The castings of Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax are almost enough to make me forget who've they cast as Mr. Knightley...almost. Have I told you how much I admire Jane Fairfax and enjoy her story? I love Jane almost as much as Eleanor Tilney.



The Editrix said...

I like the Frederick Hale actor as Frank Churchill. He might just be the best Frank Churchill we've had yet. I didn't really like Ewan McGregor. . . and the guy in the Kate Beckinsale version had funny hair. . . by the way, Laurie, have you seen Emma 1972?

Oh, and I love the casting of Christina Cole as Augusta. I'm sure she'll be perfect. I had no idea she played Blanche Ingram in Jane Eyre! I never recognised her. . .

Andrea said...

Yes, lovely! It is, indeed, exciting news. Take care.

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