Sunday, January 24, 2010

Emma On Masterpiece Theatre

lightly small

Emma is everywhere! I went to and there was a slide-show advertisement for the miniseries! I'm so excited to watch this on Masterpiece Theatre with my family! I have already seen the film online and my sister and I both enjoyed every moment. I believe each part will be available for viewing at the Masterpiece Theatre website shortly after it airs. You have to see this adaptation! It's a very sweet and youthful take on Jane Austen's Emma, besides which is a fairly complete and faithful telling. I can't wait! :)

Note: I am a bit perturbed by the discovery that Emma will not be aired on my local PBS station until the 31st! I was so hoping to watch it tonight! Oh, well, if it's that good it's worth waiting for.
I hope everyone else is able to enjoy Emma as soon as possible! :)

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Muse in the Fog said...

I am really excited about this! I love the actress they chose to play Emma.

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