Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feelin' Feminine - Day 1

This is Day 6 of the official Feelin' Feminine Challenge and Day 1 of mine.

It was a beautiful morning, bright sunshine warmed the air and cheered the heart of fellow church-goers. My brother and I are learning how to drive and I had the privilege of driving my family to church this morning.

Miss Bea and me after church

My Skirt: Black faux suede, Walmart a few years ago
My Blouse: Walmart
My Shawl: Birthday present from my dear friend Sarah
My Jewelry: Pearl earrings from Claire's, pearl button bracelet from my friend Amanda
My Shoes: Black Land's End flats on sale at Sear's

Miss Bea's Skirt: Black hand-me-down
Miss Bea's Sweater: Thrift-store find
Miss Bea's Jewelry: Ladybug earrings


My Hair: Half twist with pearl barrette

My sweet sister Miss Bea who is my challenge buddy!

First day is going well, we're both really enjoying wearing skirts and being girly and feminine! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.
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