Monday, October 18, 2010

Dombey and Son (1983)

I'm enjoying my trip to visit my friend and am really enjoying watching the films in the BBC Charles Dickens collection which her aunt owns. These are mostly old adaptations but some are very good!

Dombey and Son, adapted for the BBC in 1983 is very like the older Jane Austen adaptations of the same time period. It moves slower like a stage play and has simple sets and costumes and very few props. The acting though is first rate and there's plenty of time to develop the story.

Synopsis: Paul Dombey Sr. is a wealthy businessman who thinks of nothing but having a son and heir to carry on the family name and raise is his greedy Scrouge-like ways. His wife dies in childbearing and his baby son Paul and older daughter Florrie are brought up by servants and an old aunt. Florrie is neglected by her father and aunt while Paul is coddled and given every benefit. Despite their different upbringings young Paul is devoted to Florrie looking on her as his own mother and she in return loves and cares for her whole family no matter how she's treated by them. Other characters are introduced when Florrie is rescued by young Walter Gay and his uncle Saul Gills and again when Mr. Dombey decides to marry again. Many trials befall Florrie and the other characters until all is set to rights!

I couldn't find many photos from the adaptation but there were these three below:

Paul Darrow as Mr. James Carker

Young Mr. Biler Tootle

Major Bagstock visits Mrs. Skewton and her daughter Edith

Faces you might recognize from other period films:
And many of the other actors are bit players in several other BBC period films.

Music in the films is an afterthought for the most part but the main themes are interesting. I've compiled a YouTube vid featuring the themes which you can watch below.

Definitely recommend for anyone who loves Charles Dickens and the older period dramas. This film kept my attention fixed on the story and had characters that are much to be admired and loved. There were also some very tender moments that made me teary-eyed toward the end of the miniseries!

I'm working on viewing The Pickwick Papers 1985 (a very comic set of tales) and some of the other adaptations in the Charles Dickens Collection Volume One and Volume Two. I've decided that when I can afford them these two sets will be well worth the money! I'll try and do some more reviews of the ones I have time to watch.

Hope you're having a bright day!

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Michaela said...

Sounds very good! o.O I wonder if I could find it at the library...I'll have to check. If I end up seeing the movie, I'll have to tell you what I think! ;)

Miss Laurie said...

You might be able to find it Michaela, I went to a local library here in NJ and was surprised at home many older Austen and Dickens adaptations they had. And do let me know what you think, I love feedback on things I suggest! :)
Did you ever get to see Ballet Shoes with you sisters?

AmidMany said...

Did Hugh Lorie play Mr Toots?

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