Monday, October 4, 2010

Quiz Answer: The Connection Is...

Edwardian Rose got the correct answer to the quiz I posted a few days ago! Good job!
The connection between actors Nicholas Farrell, Lindsay Duncan and James D'Arcy is that they have all been in a different adaptation of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park! When I saw them all in The Mystery of the Blue Train I was very surprised. It was quite delightful!

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Nicholas Farrell play a delightfully studious and kind Edmund Bertram in the BBC's 1987 adaptation of Masnfield Park. This is my favorite adaptation, the most faithful and I find it quite entertaining. If you've never seen it I highly recommend it, especially if you're an Austen fan!

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Lindsay Duncan played a saucy version of Lady Bertram and doubled as Mrs. Price in the 1999 interpretation of Mansfield Park. I don't really care for this version because it takes so many liberties with Jane Austen and changes the characters so deliberately! I don't recommend it but I do own a DVD copy (for my collection of Austen films) and I do love the soundtrack. My recommendation has always been to resist the temptation to watch and instead read the book while listening to the soundtrack! ;)

Tom Bertram jr tom in dress
James D'Arcy rendered a handsome and somewhat tipsy Tom Bertram in ITV's 2007 adaptation of Mansfield Park. I didn't expect much when I'd heard popular Billie Piper was cast as Fanny Price, and they did leave a lot of the book out but it was a fun and interesting condensed take on the book, worth a look. Many of the other characters were quite well cast.

Below are some banners I made from screencaps of the Mansfield Park films. Also my favorite pic from the old BBC version.



What are your thoughts on Mansfield Park - book, films, music? Which is your favorite character in MP? Any favorite quotes?

Hope you have a great day!

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Elinor Dashwood/Melanie said...

I LOVE the book "Mansfield Park"-- it is my favorite next to "Northanger Abbey" (I'm not sure which of the two I like better).

I haven't really liked either of the movie versions I've seen though. I didn't like the acting, filming, or music in the 1980s version... it seemed more like a play than a movie. The actress they chose for Fanny was great though. The Billie Piper version is fun to watch, and I don't mind it, but it just doesn't match up to the book. Edmund was perfect in that one though. :-)

I've noticed that it seems as though no one can get Fanny Price's character right. Even in the 80s one, I thought she seemed too silly and dense, I've heard that she is a lot more bold in the 90s version, and she's just...not right... in the 2000s version. Perhaps it is because she is such a truly Christian character that those who aren't Christians don't know how to portray it rightly. I don't know.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for someone to come out with an absolutely wonderful, close-to-the-book, beautifully-done film version of "Mansfield Park". :-D

Miss Laurie said...

I totally agree Elinor! I did like Blake Ritston as Edmund, he just "got" the character! The girl who played Julia in the 2007 adaptation would have made a much better Fanny, I think.
MP 1980's is more like a play, but I really like it quite a lot. There are many lovely moments! And Fanny seems to get prettier as the film moves on.
But you're right no one has quite got Fanny's character right yet. So, I'll write the script and you can do the costumes! :)
Northanger Abbey is my favorite Jane Austen novel ever! I'm not quite satisfied with the adaptations they've done either.

Alexandra said...

Rose Tyler from Doctor Who as Fanny?! Wow. And she chose MR ELTON over the Doctor!?

Sorry. Being silly.

I didn't care for the 1999 one at all, but I think I may just give the 2007 one a try. Mansfield Park definitely needs a remake. :)

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