Friday, October 1, 2010

Quiz: What's The Connection?

Today I was watching an adaptation of Agatha Christie's The Blue Train Mystery which stars her brilliant detective Hercule Poirot. I enjoy the newer adaptations of her novels especially because they feature many British actors who can be seen in several period films.

There were three period actors who I recognized and I was wondering if anyone else could find the connection I did.

Nicholas Farrell

Lindsey Duncan

Tom Bertram jr
James D'Arcy

What connection do these three actors share? I'll post the answer after a while if I have any responses.
Hint: Besides being in The Blue Train Mystery I don't think they've been in anything else together. And think period films! :)

Any guesses?


Edwardian Rose said...

Well, they've all been in various Mansfield Park adaptations.

~Rachel S.

Miss Laurie said...

Lovely! And right! :)

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