Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Header

I just added a new blog header which again features Anne of Green Gables and Autumn leaves!

Blog news: I have added a new features to the end of blogs and the way people comment. If you read a blog you now have the option of telling me whether a post is Helpful, Unhelpful or Encouraging to you! You also have the option of sharing my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger or through E-mail. Commenting on my blog posts will also be a bit different, anyone can comment but I will have to approve before your comments are shown. I mostly did this so that I will know and be able to respond the moment someone comments even on older blog post. I hope these changes are helpful to you, the reader!

Below is the previous header that was up for September and October 2010:

I posted three nice sized blog posts yesterday of which I am very happy! I have at least two more film reviews I'm planning and hope to have up tomorrow!

Hope you're having a lovely day! And if you're in America I hope you're able to get out and vote!

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