Monday, November 1, 2010

Of Friends and Autumn Blessings

I am back home! After three weeks spent visiting my friend in New Jersey I've come back home. I didn't take very many photos but below I'd like to show my trip in photos.

A warm welcome from my friend and her cousin. My friend Karis is house-sitting for her aunt and uncle. The drive down to NJ was full of lovely Autumn colors!

A simply lovely home to stay in! The guest room I stayed in was so comfortable and full of picture perfect lovelies!

One day Karis and I visited a local arboretum and at the center was a lovely old-fashioned Victorian house and gardens. They had so many lovely varieties of trees, bushes, and flowers!

Karis stops to sniff one of the many lovely roses! So beautiful!

We enjoyed our walk and the lovely architecture and plants surrounding the house and arboretum.

One day we went to New York City and saw some of the sights. I'm definitely not a city girl but I did enjoy seeing a place I've heard so much about! There were some pretty scenes such as this lovely doorstep. The door actually had a ship carved on it, and the small garden was just lovely!

One fun thing we did was go through the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium. There were so many fun things to look out, like this photo of a lady who could write with both hands at the same time, even back wards and upside-down! What talent!

There were some interesting old-fashioned things such as the death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte. There were also locks of hair from historic figures such as George Washington, Bonaparte and John Dillinger. Also some interesting objects from Medieval times and Victorian times.

Another thing we did was visit some of Karis' extended family in Pennsylvania, the drive there was again full of lovely Autumn colors on rolling hills. We stayed at her grandma's cabin in a very rural country area and I just had to take pictures of the pond behind the cabin.

Beginning of the path that goes around the pond, though overgrown it was still lovely!

Country walks and simple fun. It was a nice way to end my trip. I learned many things during this particular trip. Many spiritual and life lessons that won't soon be forgotten. I praise the Lord for good fellowship and His lovely creation!

I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. I have several movie reviews that I want to do and hopefully I will get them out soon.

I pray that you are enjoying this first day of November! I'm so glad to be back posting again!

God Bless,

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