Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scarves Galore!

Me with some of the scarves I made.

I'm sorry it's been almost a week since I last posted. My family and I have been busy finishing up our project of crocheting scarves for the Special Olympics in our state.

My mama with some of the scarves she crocheted.

Our goal: crochet as many scarves as we could in three weeks using the official blue and turqua colors of the Special Olympics.

Miss Bea with three of the scarves she made.

We could use any pattern we wanted to so long as it incorporated both colors. We used nine different patterns varying them a bit. We all worked together day by day crocheting our little hearts out!

Our shelf of scarves!

Today was the deadline for us to finish the scarves and send them out so we were up late last night finishing up the scarves we were working on and sewing in the ends (tails). We were just pleased as punch to be able to send 36 scarves!

Our box of scarves ready to send out!

This was a very fun project and I hope we'll be able to do it again next year. It was great crocheting together and trying new patterns. I hadn't crocheted in a while so I was able to get back into practice and make somethings that will really be used!

In other news, I'm afraid things just aren't working out and I won't be able to host a giveaway at this time. But I'm currently at 265 post so I hope to host a giveaway when I reach 300 posts. So we'll see. Sorry to disappoint!

What have you all been up to lately?

Very Truly Your's,


Charity U said...

I look forward to when the giveaway comes! :) I like the scarf colors...very pretty. :)

Shirley said...

Dear Miss Laurie,
I love your blog header..It was a favorite part in Little Women that I reall loved. Skating on Walden Pond..How many winters I want to skate there. One day maybe. Anyway, I love the scarf's you and your family have made and I dont think I will ever get 100 followers never mind 300..It truly does not matter as I love to read evryone blog just wish there was more time in the day to do so..

I do enjoy yours..

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