Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beautiful Things...

I just loved the photo I found of this beautiful Victorian gown on Couture for Christ's Tumblr blog. Isn't it just so sweet and feminine and pink?

This is a catch all post with tidbits of news and info.

Tumblr - Some of you will notice that I put a link to the Old-Fashioned Charm Tumblr page on my right hand sidebar. I've had the page for a few months now and have enjoyed posting simple things: period art, old-fashioned images, period drama music videos and quotes. I call it old-fashioned eye candy. I don't update it very often just sometimes I'll want to post pretty old-fashioned things and don't want to clutter my blog with them. I won't be posting any reviews or anything important there.

Blog Design - You might have noticed that I recently updated my blog design. I'm forever fiddling with it. I've wanted to expand to a three column design for a while. Take notice that all of the art and quotes are in the right hand sidebar as well as the search engine. Also check out the links to my favorite blogs which is now in the left sidebar. So many lovely blogs! I also added photos of my favorite authors and period films to the bottom left sidebar.

Film Reviews - I moved my list of Period Drama Film reviews to a separate page for now. I'm going to be listing them differently on that page too. I hope to add some new reviews very soon!

Poll - I added a poll to my right sidebar with the question "Who do you watch period dramas with?" It will be up for a week and then I'll post the results. Just a bit of fun.

What have you been up to lately?
Have you watched or reading anything interesting lately?

Very Truly Your's,


Elegance of Fashion said...

I love the Victorian gown! It's really pretty!

Anna Olivia said...

I love Christine's Masquerade dress!!! <3 I wish I could have one just like it. It would be so much fun to make a replica someday... :dreams:

Hannah (formerly Merry Mommy Heart) said...

Beautiful! Blog design too!

I'm interested in your thoughts on the new Jane Eyre in theaters, if you've seen it yet. (Hope I didn't miss a post if you've already covered it)

Miss Laurie said...

Oh Anna you're right! I forgot this was Christine's masquerade dress from Phantom of the Opera! I always forget that her dress was pink, mostly because others in that scene are wearing black & white. Thanks for reminding me!

Hannah, Thank you! No, I haven't seen the new Jane Eyre. I heard it was a beautiful film, doesn't have anything very objectionable in it, but is a bit disappointing for readers who want a faithful adaptation. As soon as I do see it I'll do a review. I don't go to theaters very often though.

~Miss Laurie :)

Tristans_Isolde said...

That dress really is beautiful! Its a shame we don't wear dresses like that today because I would definately want one just like it :)

I love the new blog design! The quotes and the accompanying pictures are gorgeous!

Jemimah C. said...

That is such a wonderful Victorian gown! I love the color of it. I love your Tumblr blog! And the new blog design is really nice.

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