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Jane Austen Clergymen Quiz - Answers!

Here are the answers to the Jane Austen Clergymen Quiz from last week. Y'all did really well with this quiz! Thanks for playing! :)

Jane Austen Clergymen Quiz:

1. Which two of Jane Austen's brothers were clergymen?
a. James (her oldest brother)
b. George
c. Edward
d. Frank
e. Henry (two failed careers before joining the church)
f. Charles

2. In Emma, who was the vicar in Highbury before Mr. Elton took the job?
Reverend Mr. Bates (husband of Mrs. Bates, father of Miss Bates)

3. In Sense and Sensibility, who offers Edward Ferrars a living at the rectory on their estate?
Colonel Brandon (it's a small rectory at his estate Delaford)

4. What is the first name of Captain Wentworth's clergyman brother in Persuasion?
a. Charles
b. Henry
c. Edward (he was the curate at Monkford near Kellynch Hall back when Anne and Captain Wentworth were first engaged. When the story starts Mrs. Croft tells Anne that their brother Edward has married and found a parish in Shropshire.)
d. William

5. In Northanger Abbey, what is the name of the village where Henry Tilney serves as vicar?
Woodston (20 miles from Northanger Abbey)

6. Who was vicar at Mansfield Parsonage before Dr. Grant comes in?
Reverend Mr. Norris (husband of Mrs. Norris)

7. What time of year was Mr. Collins ordained as a minister in Pride and Prejudice?
a. Easter (he mentions it in his first letter to Mr. Bennet)
b. Christmas
c. St. Valentine's
d. Michaelmas

8. In Northanger Abbey, what is the name of the village where Catherine Morland's father serves as vicar?
Fullerton (in the county on Wiltshire)

9. What is the name of Catherine Morland's brother in Northanger Abbey who is studying to be a clergyman?
Mr. James Morland (oldest of the Morland children)

10. What is the name of Edmund Bertram's college friend in Mansfield Park who he stays with when they are ordained?  
a. Mr. Andrews
b. Mr. Rushworth
c. Mr. Owens (he also has two sisters that Mary Crawford fears will steal Edmund away from her)
d. Mr. Whitmore

11. In Pride and Prejudice what is the name of the village where Mr. Collins is vicar?
Hunsford Parsonage (not actually sure of the village's proper name)

12. What is the name of the small living reserved for Edmund in Mansfield Park?
a. Southerton
b. Enscombe
c. Coumb Magna 
d. Thornton Lacey (a small village not too far from Mansfield Park)

13. Which Pride and Prejudice character was "intended for the church"?
George Wickham (but after seeing Wickham's loose behavior at college Mr. Darcy is glad Wickham has not much inclination for the church)

14. What is the first name of Henrietta Musgrove's intended clergyman husband, Mr. Hayter, in Persuasion?
a. Henry 
b. Charles (he is one of six guys with the name Charles in Persuasion!)
c. Robert 
d. James

15. Why must Sir Thomas Bertram give the living of Mansfield Vicarage to Dr. Grant instead of giving it to Edmund as he'd promised?
Because of Tom Bertram's debts and the failure of Sir Thomas's plantations in the West Indies. (While Edmund wasn't ordained yet there wasn't much longer to wait but Sir Thomas didn't have the funds to support both of his sons so Edmund suffers from Tom's extravagance.)

16. Dr. Shirley is a clergyman mentioned in which novel? 
a. Persuasion (he's an elderly clergyman near Uppercross who Mr. Hayter and Henrietta hope will need the services of a young curate)
b. Emma 
c. Sense and Sensibility 
d. Mansfield Park

17. In Northanger Abbey, how many children does Reverend Morland have in his vicarage?
Ten children. ("A family of ten children will be always called a fine family, where there are heads and arms and legs enough for the number..." - NA, Chapter 1)

18. What is Mr. Elton's first name in Emma?
a. Peter
b. Philip (Philip. Philip Elton. Mr. creepy man.)
c. Andrew
d. Simon

19. What book does Mr. Collins read to the Bennet girls in Pride and Prejudice?
Fordyce's Sermons. ("Other books were produced, and after some deliberation he chose Fordyce's Sermons. Lydia gaped as he opened the volume, and before he had, with very monotonous solemnity, read three pages, she interrupted him..." - P&P, Chapter 14)

20. Which character in Mansfield Park tells Edmund Bertram he should go into the law instead of becoming a clergyman?
a. Tom Bertram
b. Mary Crawford (Mary: “I am just as much surprised now as I was at first that you should intend to take orders. You really are fit for something better. Come, do change your mind. It is not too late. Go into the law.”  Edmund: “Go into the law! With as much ease as I was told to go into this wilderness.” - MP, Chapter 9)
c. Julia Bertram
d. Henry Crawford

21. Who most likely pays a good portion of Mr. Elton's salary in Emma?
a. Mr. Weston
b. Mr. Coxe
c. Mr. Woodhouse
d. Mr. Knightley (Mr. Elton has to meet with him on parish business and as a magistrate Mr. Knghtley has a lot of responsibility for church business. If Mr. Knightley is Mr. Elton's "boss" then it shows how incredibly cheeky Mr. E is when he boasts to Mrs. E about "My friend Knightley"! Mr. Knightley also feels it his responsibility to help Mrs. Bates the widow of the former clergyman. Mr. Knightley is indeed the best of men!)

22. How did Catherine Morland's brother meet John Thorpe in Northanger Abbey?
They attend Oxford together. (James Morland and John Thorpe are both intending to become clergymen - can you imagine Thorpe as a minister?!?! James spent the Christmas holidays with the Thorpe family and that's when he first met and started liking Isabella Thorpe.)

23. In Persuasion who says that the curate "Mr. Wentworth was nobody"?
a. Elizabeth Elliot
b. Sir Walter Elliot ("Wentworth? Oh ay! Mr. Wentworth, the curate of Monkford. You misled me by the term gentleman. I thought you were speaking of some man of property: Mr. Wentworth was nobody, I remember: quite unconnected; nothing to do with the Strafford family." - Sir Walter Elliot, Persuasion, Chapter 3)
c. Lady Russell 
d. Mary Musgrove

24. In Northanger Abbey, how long would Isabella Thorpe have had to wait until Catherine Morland's brother could obtain the living as rector and have money enough to marry?
a. 2 months
b. 4 months 
c. 2 years (Actually 2 1/2 years. "Ah! my Catherine, you have found me out. There’s the sting. The long, long, endless two years and half that are to pass before your brother can hold the living.” - Isabella Thorpe, NA, Chapter 16)
d. 4 years

25. What was the name of Cassandra Austen's clergyman fiance who died as a military chaplain?
Thomas "Tom" Fowle. ("After graduating from Oxford University, in 1794, one former pupil [of Reverend Austen], Thomas Fowle, became engaged to Cassandra Austen. Fowle needed money to marry and went to the Caribbean with a military expedition as chaplain to his cousin, General Lord Craven. There, Fowle died of yellow fever in 1797. [Cassandra] Austen inherited £1000 from him, which gave her a little financial independence but, like her sister, she never married." - quoted from Wikipedia

Players Scores:
Melody - 210 points
birdienl - 185 points
Meredith - 180 points
Livia Rachelle - 135 points
Emma Jane - 95 points
Kiri Liz - 80 points

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