Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ask Me Anything!

I was thinking the other day that with posting all these Period Drama Games and the tags for the Period Drama Challenge that I end up asking y'all a lot of questions. Now it's your turn to ask me questions!
Want to know about my faith, my family or my favorite things? Want to try and stump me with a quiz question? Literally this is your chance to ask me anything you want!

Leave your questions in a comment. Please limit the number of questions to no more than eight so that other people have a chance to ask. And it might be a good idea to read other people's comments so that you're not asking a duplicate question. I do reserve the right to not answer any questions that might be too personal (but my readers are usually so sweet).

I'm considering answering the questions that y'all leave in a video but it will depend on how much time I have and whether such a video turned out well, so we'll see.

This post will be open for one week (Thursday, May 16th to Thursday, May 23rd)  to collect questions so I'll hopefully start posting answers next weekend.

So go ahead, ask me anything!


Charity U said...

Yay! I've always enjoyed doing this to blog owners... ;) Someday I'll do this on my blog too. Now, some questions.

1. Your dream vacation destination/activities?

2. Which period drama actor would you most like to meet?

3. Have you ever watched a period drama that a lot of people raved about and loved...and been disappointed by it?

4. If you were given the chance to have a small part in any Jane Austen period drama movie remake, which one would you choose, and which part? A small part...someone like a Bennet sister other than Lizzy, etc. ;)

5. You're moving to a remote island and can take one period drama film and one Jane Austen book with you. Which do you choose?

6. What's your favorite thing to have with your chocolate? ( beans, mint, caramel, etc)

7. Which Austen couple would fit in best (and be most comfortable with) you and your family for a weekend?

8. If you were forced to change your name to something other than Laurie (which is a delightful name, btw), what would you change it to? And no, you can't use your middle name. ;)

So much fun! :)

Analiese said...

Fun, Laurie! I have three for you, and they aren't too personal. :D
1. Which period drama have you watched most recently, and what did you think of it?
2. Which type of heroine do you prefer - sweet or spunky?
3. Which Disney princess is your favorite and why?
There you are - looking forward to hearing other people's questions. :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, yay. :)

What is your biggest dream, no matter how unrealistic?

What is your favourite word?

Scotland or England?

Emma Jane said...

Oh, how fun! I simply delight in asking people questions. :)

- Who are your absolute favourite period drama actor and actress?

- Do you play any instruments?

- This is rather an odd question, I hope you don't mind- I've seen you mention The Forsyte Saga a few times before and you have the themes on your Youtube channel, but I don't think you've ever really ever expressed your opinions of it? I'm asking because my sister and my mother watched part of it a few years ago and didn't care for it, and I'm curious as to what your opinions on in are. :)

- What is your favourite movie soundtrack?

- Have you ever read any books by Lynn Austen? (I ask because she is my favourite author:)

- Have you ever kept up a personal correspondance with a friend or a relative? (Not counting emails.)

~Emma Jane

Melody said...

I tagged you here!

If you don't have time to answer the tag, you could look at my eleven questions and pick your favorite 8 to answer. If you're not going to do that though, let me know and I'll try to think up some fresh ones for you. :) Looking forward to this post!

Regine Karpel said...

Favorite candy!
What fills you with joy?

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Oooh! Lots of great questions ladies! Looking forward to answer these!

The questions on your tag of elevens looks great so I'll probably answer most of them (might skip the three quotes but we'll see). Thanks for tagging me! ;)

Emma Jane said...

I've tagged you, dear!

~Emma Jane

Ivy said...

What type of Period clothing would you like to wear daily and why?

In what ways can a single young woman glorify God?

Have you ever had to defend (explain) your faith to a non-Christian friend or acquaintance?

Cats or Dogs?

Cottage or Cabin?

Are you currently writing a novel?

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Laurie,
My penname is Shirley-Anne Green.
I read your blog frequently.
My questions are:
Have you seen "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Which one was your favorite and who were your favorite characters?
And What is your favorite Holiday and why?


Miss Jane Bennet said...

Oooh..Yes! I love doing this!
*wicked grin*
1. Do you like Mr. Knightley or the Scarlet Pimpernel better?
2. Do you like Lady Susan?
3.What's the oldest movie you've ever watched?
4. Who is your favorite Austen heroine?
5. Have you watched a version of Northanger Abbey?
6. Have you watched The Scarlet Pimpernel? If so, which one?

Anna Grace said...

Excited to see your answers!

1. What are your top 3 favorite books? {I can never choose just one.}
2. What is your favorite film?
3. Tea or coffee?
4. France or Spain?
5. You just won a couple thousand dollars to spend on a vacation. Where would you go and why?
6. do you prefer books that are historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, or histories, etc., ?
7. Favorite author? male and female. {I must be really into books right now....*grin*}
8. Favorite actor?
9. What are your thoughts on magic in movies? {Merlin, Harry Potter, LOTR, Narnia, etc}

Looking forward to your post!!

Amy said...

Well when reading all of these questions I realize that none of mine are period drama except for one! *sheepish grin* =)
1. What is your favorite Bible verse and why?
2. What is the top 3 things on your bucket list?
3. Who has inspired you the most? Whether or not if you've met them or never will.
4. What is your favorite period drama? Mine is North and South. Just had to put that in there! =)
Much Blessings!!

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