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Answers to Have You Seen This? {Edition Three}

These are the answers to the Screencaps Game: Have You Seen This? {Edition Three} post from last week. Y'all did a great job even though this batch of photos seemed harder to guess. As always I'm including a mini review about each film and links to trailers and places to watch online. Enjoy! ;)

Period Drama Screencaps:

Screencap #1
Stars: Irene Richards, Tracey Childs, Peter Woodward, Diana Fairfax, Robert Swann
This TV miniseries is one of those forgotten gems of the Jane Austen adaptations. It cuts out the character of Margaret but it includes so much of the original book material, including a wonderful rendering of Willoughby's confession. Irene Richards who plays Elinor in this film played Charlotte Lucas in P&P 1980 but is much more suited to this role. This film includes my favorite Colonel Brandon and Willoughby; also there's a wonderful scene of Willoughby singing with Marianne!

Screencap #2
Stars: Georgina Terry, Amanda Burton, Pam Ferris, David Bamber, Aden Gillett, Kenneth Cranham, Tom Ellis
This adaptation stays very true to the book but with one major change, the actors and the countryside are British instead of being American like the original story. Some of the actors will be familiar to period drama fans and the whole film is just good clean family fun! 

Screencap #3
Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina, Richard Coyle, Ronald Pickup
This Disney film is more action adventure and similar in that way to Pirates of the Caribbean in the feel. The costumes and sets are quite grand though and the period drama actors and action make this film a lot of fun.

Screencap #4
Stars: Ben Wishaw, Abbie Cornish, Claudie Blakley, Thomas Brodie-Sangster
I've only watched this film about the life of poet John Keats once but it's a very beautiful film and nice to see something else in the Regency time period. The story is bittersweet though so keep a large box of tissues handy!

Screencap #5
Stars: Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse, Van Johnson, Elaine Stewart, Barry Jones
This musical set in the highlands of Scotland was one of my grandmother's favorites and I mostly love it for that reason. A sweet and interesting story with lovely dances and catchy songs. My favorite song is 'Come Home With Bonny Jean' and that's actually the song my aunt Bonnie Jean is named after! 

Screencap #6
Stars: Elizabeth Garvie, David Rintoul, Sabina Franklyn, Moray Watson, Judy Parfitt
Not my favorite adaptation but a very lovely neglected gem and one that every P&P fan should watch a few times. My favorite Mr. Collins is included in this adaptation and I enjoy a lot of the other characters a lot too.

Screencap #7
Stars: Fred MacMurray, Greer Garson, Tommy Steele, Lesley Ann Warren, John Davidson, Geraldine Page, Gladys Cooper
This Disney musical is one of my mom's all-time favorite films and one I've watched countless times growing up. The crazy happenings at the Drexle-Biddle house are combined with fabulous singing and dancing. This is a must see family film! :)

Screencap #8
Stars: Charlotte Gainsbourgh, William Hurt, Joan Plowright, Anna Paquin, Amanda Root, Samuel West
This version of the Charlotte Bronte classic was a family favorite for a long time and I've probably seen it more than any of the others. It's visually stunning and while it strays from the story a bit in the beginning it stays fairly true throughout and I like the cast a lot. It is a bit darker in some ways as there is a scene with blood and the fire scene is a bit scary but overall it's a great film.

Screencap #9
Stars: Chris O'Donnell, Tim Curry, Kiefer Sutherland, Paul McGann, Gabrielle Anwar, Oliver Platt
I really have no idea if this Disney version of the classic sticks to the original story but it has always been a family favorite and is just a lot of fun. There are a couple scenes my family always skips (if you're interested I can figure out specifics) but otherwise it is a great family film. 

Screencap #10
From: An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (2007)
Stars: Jacqueline Bisset, Helene Joy, Tatiana Maslany, Kristopher Turner, Ted Atherton
Based on Louisa May Alcott's short story this sweet film is a wonderful Hallmark movie with lovely costumes and an interesting, if slightly crazy plot. I love watching it at Thanksgiving time and highly recommend it!

Which of these films have you seen?

P.S. There will be no game this week as I haven't had time to make one this busy week. I'll be traveling to see family this weekend so your comments may take a day or so to be monitored. Talk to y'all soon!


Elisa said...

Yes, the "Three Musketeers" (#9) is a fun watch. Having read the novel, bits from it are in the movie and the rest is Disney's take. For example, Louis XIII and Anne of Austria are newlyweds and appear to be in their late teens to early 20s. In the novel, they've been married for some years.

Joanna Webber said...

Hey Laurie! If you want to you can participate in a tag. :-)

ldsjaneite said...

Oh my--I loved this. A trip down memory lane, though some of these I still love and watch as an adult. I have seen 1, 2 (love it), the last half of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (ADORE it!), 8 (my least favorite Rochester, but otherwise really good), & 9. Hadn't heard of #10, but I just put it on hold at the library. Thank you!

IVY said...

I've only seen #3, #9, and #10. I will put the others on my "wish" list. :)

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