Saturday, May 4, 2013

Screencaps Game: Have You Seen This? {Edition Three}

The First Edition and Second Edition of the twist on everyone's favorite Screencaps Game went really well so I'm doing another one. The screencaps come from period set films that aren't often talked about as much as some of our favorites, but these films are no less delightful! Don't forget to answer the question Have You Seen These? - I really want to hear which of these films you have seen and whether you enjoyed them as much as I do!

To Play: Look at the screencaps below and leave a comment guessing what period dramas they come from. Don't forget to have some fun letting me know which of these period dramas you've seen. 

Helpful Hints: Each of these period film titles can be found on my Period Films page. Also, if you aren't sure about a period film but recognize an actor in the screencap feel free to search for possible answers on!

Scoring: 10 points will be awarded for each correctly guessed period drama. A high score of 100 points can be earned.

Period Drama Screencaps:

Screencap #1

Screencap #2

Screencap #3

Screencap #4

Screencap #5

Screencap #6

Screencap #7

Screencap #8

Screencap #9

Screencap #10

Which of these films have you seen?

P.S. I'll be working today, tomorrow and the next several days so it might take me a bit to get back to you with your scores. If you think of it I'd appreciate your prayers for strength as I work seven days in a row and prepare for a long trip to visit family next weekend. Thanks! :)


Emma Jane said...

Good gracious, I hardly recognize any of these! But I shall do my best anyway. :)

#1 Looks like the 1980-something Sense and Sensibility, but I'm really not sure since I've never seen it.
#2 ?
#3 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time- I have seen this one, at least part of it, but I didn't bother watching it all the way through because it wasn't exactly my cup of tea. Plus, the DVD kept messing up and my family didn't really have enough interest to try another one.
#4 Bright Star- one of my favourites!
#5 Good gracious. It's not 1776, that's certain, because the girl's dress is far too short for that. I'm sure I haven't the slightest idea!
#6 Oh, it looks SO familiar! And that looks like Julie Walters on the right...Is it an older Jane Austen adaptation? I don't believe I've seen it.
#7 Wow. I haven't the faintest idea! And usually I know these older ones...
#8 Jane Eyre, but I'm not sure which adaptation- maybe 2006? I've only seen the 2011 version.
#9 Something Shakespeare! I don't know- Hamelet?
#10 ?

I'll be praying for you, Miss Laurie! And I hope you have a smashing trip!

~Emma Jane

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed these posts! I'll give it a go, though I don't think I'll get many right. =P

#2: Pollyanna
( not sure the version, though it's not the Disney one)

#7: The Happiest Millionaire

#8: I haven't seen this one, but is it Jane Eyre? Just kind of thought it could be...

#10: Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving

Melody said...

1. Hmm... is this S&S81? In which case I have seen it. ;)
2. Pollyanna... and yes, I've seen it! It's my favorite! Disney changed the story so horrifically.
3. I don't knowwww.
4. Bright Star; haven't seen it
5. Um... haha.
6. Pride and Prejudice 1980. And yes. ;)
7. Uh... I have no clue.
8. Jane Eyre 1996. I have indeed seen it. Not sure why exactly, but I think that's my favorite Adele. ;)
9. Um?
10. An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving? And I've seen it... once... a long time ago... haha.

Charity U said...

OOOOOOOO! Kay. One positive ID -- #5 is Brigadoon with Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse. Love that movie!And #8...maybe a Jane Eyre? :)

Hamlette said...

#5 is "Brigadoon" and #9 is "The Three Musketeers," and those are the only ones here I've seen. But I love them both, and have their soundtracks!

Anonymous said...

I've seen number 3 (Prince of Persia-- which must be the only movie where every single major character dies, but then is alive in the end) and number 9 (The Three Musketeers! I love this movie!)

~Robyn Hoode

Kara said...

3-Prince of Persia (Love it! One of my favorite movies actually :)

4-Bright Star? (haven't seen it)

5-Brigadoon? (I think I saw it once.)

6-Pride and Prejudice (of course I've seen it! And love it!)

8-Jane Eyre (yup, seen it too)

9-the three muskateers??

10-An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving (Wonderful story!)

Kiri Liz said...

2. Pollyanna; seen it! My youngest sister absolutely adores this movie! And personally I prefer this version to the Hayley Mills one...

3. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time; seen it.

5. That looks like An American in Paris with Gene Kelly, but I haven't seen that one.

7. THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE!!!! Love that movie!! "Dead, dead, dead!" :D

birdienl said...

Hmmph, I think these 'Have you seen these' quizzes are getting more and more difficult... Let's see:

1. Nope, no idea
2. Polyanna? Haven't seen that one yet
3. Prince of Persia. Haven't seen yet
4. Bright Star. I did watch this one and I should really, really write a review about it...
5. Nope, no idea
6. Pride and Prejudice 1980? Haven't seen that one
7. Nope, no idea
8. Jane Eyre '97. I have seen this one. I did like it (I love Jane Eyre in general), but it's not my favourite adaptation of the story
9. Three Musketeers? I have seen that one, but it was a loooong time ago
10. Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving? I've seen that one, it was lovely!

Anonymous said...

#3. I''ve only seen the previews, but I'm pretty sure this is Prince of Persia
#5 Brigadoon! Love it!

This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I have been reading it the past several months

~ J. A Period Drama Fan

~Aaliyah~ said...

Screencap #3 is "Prince of Persia"
Screencap #10 is "An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving"

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Emma Jane,
Your guesses on 1, 3, 4 and 8 were correct. Your guess on 5 was incorrect and your guess for 6 was sorta right. Your score is 40 points.
Thanks for your prayers!

Your guesses on 2, 7, 8 and 10 were correct. Your score is 40 points.

Your guesses on 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 were correct. Your score is 60 points.

Charity U,
Your guesses on 5 and 8 were correct. Your score is 20 points.

Your guesses on 5 and 9 were correct. Your score is 20 points.

Robyn Hoode,
Your guesses on 3 and 9 were correct so your score is 20 points.

Your guesses on 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 were all correct. Your score is 70 points!

Kiri Liz,
Your guesses on 2, 3 and 7 were correct. Your guess on 5 was incorrect. Your score is 30 points.

Your guesses on 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10 were correct. Your score is 70 points!

J. A Period Drama Fan,
Your guesses on 3 and 4 were correct. Your score is 20 points. Glad you played!

Your guesses on 3 and 10 were correct. Your score is 20 points.

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