Monday, September 8, 2008

An Intimate Conversation


No one can think more highley of the understanding of women than I do. In my opinion , nature has given them so much that they never find it necessary to use more than half. - Henry Tilney, Northanger Abbey
Northanger Abbey is my favorite novel by Jane Austen, my favorite author. My favorite character in Henry Tilney and his sister and Catherine Morland is so much like me!

I was so pleased when ITV commissioned a new adaptation of the book and waited expectantly for the first rumors of actors being cast. I adore the cast they chose and with few exceptions I loved the movie itself and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good period film and a good adaptation of the book itself.

I created the site Austen Efforts to document some of the casting info and articles that were put out around that time the movie was being filmed.

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The Editrix said...

I love the book Northanger Abbey too! I'm also a lot like Catherine - only a little more of an introvert. Something in between Catherine Morland and Fanny Price, I think! My favourite character is definitely Henry Tilney. . .

I have a few reservations about ITV/Andrew Davies' adaption of NA. I think some of the dream sequences and "that" scene with Isabella Thorpe and Captain Tilney were unnecessary. They weren't in the book, I don't see why ITV thought it important to include them . . . but I thought the actors were very well cast, and in general, I enjoyed NA07.

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