Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lovely Lorna Doone

"For the first time in my life, I am truly happy. I am loved for who I am, not for selfish reasons. I have the right to live my life in any way I want."- Lorna Doone
For a couple years now I have seen Lorna Doone on many peoples lists of favorite movies, or movies worth watching. Still I wasn't quite sure what it would be like, what sort of melodrama it might include. But after reading the post of a fellow blogger I was minded to watch Lorna Doone and followed a link to YouTube. I started watching it just before I should have gone to bed - that was a bad idea! It captured my attention right away and I ended up watching the whole thing, all 16 parts, and stayed up till 1am at least (thankfully I didn't have to work the next day!).

"This is Doone land! I will never give it up! We will stand or fall here." - Carver Doone
I really had no idea of the plot of the book. Growing up in a homeschooling household the book was always on our bookshelf and I do remember trying to read the first chapter once but really didn't understand any of it. So I was so surprised to find the story so heartrending and complicated. To the very end I couldn't guess ahead at what would happen but sat riveted in front of my computer.

"If you weren't a Doone, I could almost like you." - Lizzie Ridd
The sweetness of the story and of Lorna herself were so lovely. The purity of her relationship with John is also to be commended and prized. I recommend this to anyone and hope to one day own a copy of my own. The movie also inspired the desire to read the book but alas I find that it must have never been read by anyone and therefore carelessly discarded or sold at a book sale. I'd be interested to find out how they changed the story, if at all, especially the ending!


The Editrix said...

I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed Lorna Doone!

As someone who has read the book, (well, an abridged version of it, anyway) I'm happy to say that they followed the book very closely - including the ending! As I said in my post, some of the characters did seem a little different (particularly John and Carver), but the plot is very much the same. There are a little few sub-plots in the book that they didn't include in the movie, so by all means do have a go at reading the novel. The first few chapters are - well - boring. . . but the book builds momentum as it goes on.

The photos from MyLadyLorna worked on your post! They didn't work on mine :( . . . You even chose exactly the same photos that I did! lol!

Tiffany Smith said...

Beautiful story... And the movie is exquisitely executed and riveting. A friend introduced me to it not long ago and it is now on my top five list of all time favorite movies! A charming, pure and simple romance...very uplifting and moving! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

If you want to read the book of Lorna Doone, it's in the public domain so you can download it from the website Project Gutenberg! They even have the sequel: Slain by the Doones!

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