Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jeeves and Wooster


On a fellow blogger's page not too long ago I saw a film clip of a show called Jeeves and Wooster. I watched that tiny snip it and and then found another user on YouTube who had episodes from all four seasons of the show and watched all of them. My mom caught me watching the show on my laptop and next thing I knew she was watching it on her laptop. A friend came over for lunch and we had her watching it too.

If you've never seen the show it stars the ever funny and delightful comedy duo of Hugh Laurie and Stephan Fry as an bumbling English gentleman and his on-top-of-things valet. Bertie Wooster is a single man living the leisurely life of the rich and famous when Jeeves comes to be his valet. Soon Bertie's family and friends ask for his help with various predicaments and he, willingly or unwillingly, schemes up fantastic things to help solve them. But it is usually Jeeves who with his cool, calm alacrity saves the day, sometimes at the expense of his employer.

If you love a good laugh and a silly look at British life pre-WWII have a look at Jeeves and Wooster, it will definitely have you saying "what ho!" instead of the ever common "hello". ;)

I guess I should also take this time to mention that I have a new blog called Rather Bookish that is dedicated to posting my writings. Currently I am posting a short story continuation of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey if anyone is interested.



Andrea said...

Laurie, I had never heard of "Jeeves and Wooster," but I enjoy British shows. I'll have to take a look at it. Have a blessed weekend.

The Editrix said...

Another award! :-D

Anonymous said...

The show is classic, but don't miss out on the original books by P.G. Wodehouse!

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