Monday, February 16, 2009

New Header

Well, I've been posting since September, roughly four and half months, and I've just added a new header to my blog. I liked the other one well enough but the script and feel of this new one just seems more old-fashioned and it's certainly charming! ;)

The photo is taken from the newest Sense & Sensibility adaptation and features the edge of Elinor's bonnet. I'd love to know what you think of it the new look.

Not much to post tonight really. I suppose I should post the old header just for remembrance's sake.


I've been working on a scrapbook of art and poems. I had started my book with love poems and found this one apt for Valentine's Day:


I love you
Not only for what you are,
But for what I am
When I am with you.

I love you,
Not only for what
You have made of yourself,
But for what
You are making of me.

I love you
For the part of me
That you bring out;

I love you
For putting your hand
Into my heaped-up heart
And passing over
All the foolish, weak things
That you can't help
Dimly seeing there,

And for drawing out
Into the light
All the beautiful belongings
That no one else had looked
Quite far enough to find

I love you because you
Are helping me to make
Of the lumber of my life
Not a tavern
But a temple.

Out of the works
Of my every day
Not a reproach
But a song.

I love you
Because you have done
More than any creed
Could have done
To make me good.
And more than any fate
Could have done
To make me happy.

You have done it
Without a touch,
Without a word,
Without a sign.

You have done it
By being yourself.
Perhaps that is what
Being a friend means,
After all.

by Roy Croft

As I think of this poem how grateful I am that the love described in it is similar to the love that God has for us. Hope you all had a great day with the ones you love!



The Editrix said...

I love the new header! I think it's gorgeous! :-D

Marqueta said...

I love both headers! And the poem is very beautiful. I've been looking through my grandma's many poetry scrapbooks; which she put her whole heart into. Poetry is such a precious thing.



John's Arts & Crafts said...

Great Poem! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug:

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