Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ready For Spring


Oh, spring came to my garden
And caught it unaware
Wearing just a few old leaves
And a dejected air.

But when spring left my garden,
Its work so deftly done,
Many, many Daffodils
Were dancing in the sun.

-Velma D. BATES.

It's been so cold lately that I've dearly been wishing for Spring. The above painting 'Nana's Garden' is by artist Daniel F Gerhartz.

I'm ashamed in not posting for quite a while. The last week and a half my Alzheimer residents have been sick with the flu and I've been working overtime for a couple co-workers who were out sick as well. Praise the Lord I was untouched by the germs, the only thing that suffered have been my hands which I've washed over 20 times a day and they're so dry!

Let's see, what have I been up to lately. What have I been...
Watching? - Cranford (for the third time and I always cry especially at Mrs. Forrester's tale of Miss Mattie in Episode 5), Roger's and Hammerstien's Cinderella, Serendipity (not period)
Reading? - love poems especially Robert Browning
Listening to? - Celtic Thunder, Celtic Women and other Irish Ballads, I'm ready for St. Paddy's Day!
Creating? - scrap book of poetry and paintings. no time for sewing but my mom found a simple skirt pattern that I hope to use soon.
Looking forward to? - the new Emma adaptation, I'll have to do a separate posting on that. ;) Also this Saturday there will be a local doll house miniatures show which my family and I usually attend. My father really enjoys the hobby and the rest of us enjoy looking at all the mini furniture and decorations.


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