Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sense and Sensibility


"His society became gradually her most exquisite enjoyment. They read, they talked, they sang together; his musical talents were considerable; and he read with all the sensibility and spirit which Edward had unfortunately wanted." - Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility

The photo above is from the BBC's Sense & Sensibility (1981) which I've always really enjoyed. It's unlike other adaptations of the same time lacking the dryness and melodrama of Emma or Persuasion or especially Northanger Abbey. It's a very good adaptation of the book and the characters are cast fairly well.

It also features a couple old English ballads that are perfect for the time period and I think they have lovely lyrics. The lyrics to the song below are quite pretty and sweet and the song was sung by Marianne and Willoughby and the tune used throughout. I've been singing it these last couple days because I have a resident named Phyllis at the Alzhiemer's home so I've been singing to her.

The Crystal Spring

Down by a crystal spring where the nightingale sing,
Most pleasant it is in season to hear the groves ring.
Down by a riverside a young captain I espied
Entreating of his true love for to be his bride.

“Dear Phyllis,” says he, “Can you fancy me?
All in your soft bowers a crown it shall be.
And you shall take no pain, I will you maintain.
My ship she's a-loaded, just come in from Spain.”

Wherever you dine there you shall dream of mine
And so sweetly in the season when you will be mine.
I do lay thee so well, I'll maintain you so fair,
As no lady in the Navy with you can compare.

If ever I prove false to my soft little girl,
May the oceans turn desert and the elements move.
For wherever I shall be I'll be constant to thee;
My heart is all over if I rove through the sea.

You can view a clip of Marianne and Willoughby singing at a page for actor Peter Woodward, the link is halfway down the page.

If you haven't seen this adaptation I encourage you to do so and tell me what you think.

Hoping you have a great sunshiny day!



The Editrix said...

Wow! I haven't seen this adaptation, though I would really like to! And hearing you recommend it makes me want to see it all the more! Unfortunately, I don't think it's available to watch online in it's entirety, so I'll probably have to buy it if I want to watch it. Hmmm, I'll have to keep an eye on eBay. . ;-)

BTW, I recently discovered that there is yet another version of S&S! The BBC did a version of it in 1971. I've no idea what it's like though, and I think it's hard to find on dvd anyway.


Mia said...

Great post!
I've never seen this version, but I'm sure its wonderful--I enjoy BBC's versions very much.
I'm looking forward to renting it soon~

Robert said...

I have this version and I enjoyed it.I've seen it three times and it's a tossup between this version and the 1995 as my favourite.

I liked the characters of Edward Ferrars and Col Brandon in this version.They are how I would picture them.

The Editrix said...

Yay, great news! A friend has it on dvd and she's going to lend it to me! Whoopee! :-D

Andrea said...

Laurie, I just stumbled onto your site from Mia's. You have a beautiful blog, and I truly appreciate your Christian testimony. God bless.

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