Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Odds and Ends on Film

My last few posts have been rather deep in thought so I thought I'd post something lighter this time and tell a bit about what I've been watching lately.
Although my favorite time period is Jane Austen's Regency and also the Victorian era I've been watching more films set in the 1940's and 50's. Here's just a sampling of what I've been up to lately.

The Magic of Ordinary Days
I really enjoy Hallmark movies and this is just another to be added to my favorite's list.
Set during WWII this tale of an arranged marriage is sweet and charming. Livy is a young woman well educated but pregnant out of wedlock who agrees to an arranged marriage to quiet and lonely farmer Ray Singleton. Livy and Ray seem to have nothing in common but he is dedicated to making her feel at home and she finds life on a farm and it's Japanese workers more interesting than she at first thought. A sweet story, and well acted. I watched it on YouTube but unfortunately the DVD is no longer sold by Hallmark so I might have to buy a used copy from Amazon.

The Notebook
I was told by my co-workers and classmates in various Alzheimer's trainings that this a must watch for any care giver of the elderly and Alzheimer's care givers especially. I had seen part of it on TV but finally bought my own copy and watched it with my parents and sister. My mom actually got part way through it and said "I watched this one on TV. This is the one I bawled my eyes out over!" I was thinking that it couldn't be that sad but I was wrong. :)
Skipping over a couple intimate scenes (the wonder of DVD remotes!) the story of Noah and Allie was funny and romantic. But it wasn't until we reached the end of the flashbacks and really saw how much he loves his wife that I blubbered all over the place!
The story was enhanced by the fact that I know a man just like Noah who faithfully visits his wife twice every day (at my workplace) and even though she hardly speaks a word he still thinks she's the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world. I'm tearing up now just thinking of it! A man and a love like that is definitely worth waiting for!

Cranford Christmas Special
In other period news I heard a rumor that there is a second Cranford chapter being filmed this month to be released in UK around Christmastime! It's encouraging to hear that most of the original cast is coming back and there will be a few more exciting characters added. The most exciting I think is that we get a look at Lady Ludlow's sickly renegade son Septimus. What fun!

Well, that's about all for me. I'm off to bed now after a VERY long day at work. Learning new things can be fun but also very tiring! Hope your week is going well.

Tired (very tired!)


The Editrix said...

Wow. . . I'll have to have a look at one or two of those films that you mentioned. . . I've heard of "The Notebook" but I don't think I've heard of "The Magic of Ordinary Days".

I'm looking forward to the Cranford sequel, too! :-D


lorhen82 said...

I LOVE period movies! Cranford is one of my favorites...I own it, of course! Thank you so much for the alert that they're making a second chapter. I just hope it will be available on DVD in the US! ~Lori

The Editrix said...

LOL, oops - my smilie got cut in half!

Sarah said...

love what you had to say about the notebook. Bill is so dedicated to Kathleen. It was so wonderful seeing how lovely he treated kathleen.

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