Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Which Gift Will You Give Anne?

Every party guest wants to bring the very best gift to honor the birthday girl on her special day. So here's your opportunity to think about what gift you would most like to give Anne. Take a look at the choices and then vote for your favorite!

What gift would you most like to give Anne Elliot?

A Book of the Latest Poetry - Jane Austen tells us that Anne enjoys all sorts of prose and poetry. Her taste for literature is extensive and she talks about the latest poetry at length with Captain Benwick. I'm sure she would have enjoyed the work of such poets such as Alfred Lord Tennyson, Elizabeth Barrett & Robert Browning, Thomas Hardy and even American poets such as Emily Dickinson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Robert Frost. Some of these poets she might have even enjoyed later in life. Which of your favorite poets would you introduce Anne to?


A Trip to Lyme Regis - Even though her time at Lyme is marked by a bit of tragedy Anne tells Captain Wentworth that she would love to go back and stay for a longer time. Jane Austen herself enjoyed the seaside very much as well. Wouldn't it be nice to send Anne to Lyme with all expenses paid? And perhaps a particular handsome naval captain to walk on the Cobb with? ;)

Wentworth Ship

A Painting of Captain Wentworth's Ship - Many naval officers would send sketches of their ships to their sweethearts and family members at home (in Mansfield Park one of Fanny Price's prized possessions is a sketch of her brother William's ship). Once married I'm sure Anne would often accompany her captain husband on his ship, but wouldn't it be nice for her to have a lovely painting of his ship for the times when she has to stay behind?

A Pretty Leather Journal - One of my favorite touches made to Persuasion (2007) is the scenes where Anne is seen to write in her journal. What a lovely gift a pretty leather journal, perhaps embossed with her name, would make! With so many blank pages Anne could continue to write all about her life and adventures with Captain Wentworth!


An Evening At The Opera - From her discussions with Captain Wentworth before the opera scene in Bath, and from her being able to translate the words of the Italian Aria it is clear that Anne enjoys the opera. Wouldn't it be lovely to give Anne an evening at the opera accompanied by a certain "Irish looking" gentleman?

Vote for your favorite! Comment and let me know what you chose and why or maybe you have a different gift in mind. 

What gift would you most like to give Anne Elliot?
A Book of the Latest Poetry
A Trip to Lyme Regis
A Painting of Captain Wentworth's Ship
A Pretty Leather Journal
An Evening At The Opera

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Felicia said...

I voted for a painting of Capt. Wentworth's ship.

Jemimah C. said...

I chose to give an a trip to Lyme Regis as her birthday present. Though the place is marked with a hint of tragedy, I'm sure Anne would love to take a trip there and have a seaside party. Captain Wentworth must go along with her, of course!

Charity U said...

I ended up deciding on a journal. Everyone can use those. :) Though the book was a close second...some Emily Dickinson, perhaps.

Melody said...

I chose the painting. Hopefully the artist does a better job than the one Admiral Croft was disgusted with in Bath though! ;-)

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Trip to Lyme. Since the first trip didn't end well, I'm sure a second trip would be much more pleasant.

Mel said...

All the gifts are so wonderful that is was extremely hard to choose.
Naturally my first thought was a book of the latest poetry but after thinking about it I chose a painting of Captain Wentworth's ship. It just seems to me to be a gift which would mean a lot to her.


LĂșthien84 said...

A trip to Lyme or any other seaside town. She loves to be near the sea as she may be reminded of a certain handsome naval officer who stole her heart.

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