Saturday, January 14, 2012

Elizabeth Gaskell Unscramble Puzzles - Answers!

These are the answers to the Elizabeth Gaskell Unscramble Puzzles that I posted last week.

A few questions arose among those who played the game.

The script for the Cranford (2006) BBC series was made up of stories from three stories: Cranford, My Lady Ludlow and Mr Harrison's Confessions.

Frank is the first name given Dr. Harrison in the Cranford (2006) but it seems in Mr Harrison's Confessions that his name was actually William "Will". Sophy Hutton is Dr. Harrison's love interest in the book as well. Dr. Morgan is also present and he replaces Cranford's Dr. Hoggins in Cranford (2006).

Harry Gregson is a character in My Lady Ludlow. Most of the other names stayed the same except for Mr. Carter replaces Mr. Horner of the original work.

A big thank you for everyone who played and discussed Mrs. Gaskell's novels. I've only read a bit of her work but want to read more because her style is entertaining like Jane Austen but filled with great social interests like Charles Dickens.

Female Characters
1. METALARG HEAR - Margaret Hale
2. ISMOL GLYONB - Molly Gibson
3. TYSS MKYAT JMIENNS - Miss Matty Jenkyns
4. SYUTT HOPHON - Sophy Hutton
5. CHKPAIA KRICYNTIRTK - Cynthia Kirkpatrick

Male Characters
6. HIGASOL NICHGINS - Nicholas Higgins
7. RMEYL HAOGER - Roger Hamley
8. DI FSONR HARKARNR - Dr. Frank Harrison
9. ORHN TTONHJON - John Thornton
10. HRRSY GGONARE - Harry Gregson

11. MU WAYO LDYLDL - My Lady Ludlow
12. WSAUG ARS IDEVEHTND - Wives and Daughters
13. RDNFCRAO - Cranford
14. MONT BARARY - Mary Barton
15. NDUTH ORT SOANH - North and South

Players Scores:
Christine - 15
Gracie - 15
Melody - 15
Miss Dashwood - 15
birdienl - 14
Sarah Grace of In His Wings - 14
Miss Elizabeth - 13
Livia - 10
Stephanie - 9
Ella - 8
Jemimah - 8
Naomi - 8

While searching for information for this post I found a few site of interest:

Have you seen all of lovely film adaptations of Elizabeth Gaskell's novels?
Which of Mrs. Gaskell's works have you read or plan to read?

I've read North and South and bits of Wives and Daughters, Cranford and Mr. Harrison's Confessions.


Christine said...

I have seen North and South and Wives and Daughters, and would like to watch Cranford. I have read North and South, Cranford, Mr. Harrison's Confessions, Wives and Daughters, Ruth, Mary Barton, and Sylvia's Lovers, and am planning on reading My Lady Ludlow very soon.

Here is an interesting Australian ebook website; it contains some of Mrs. Gaskell's works that I have never even heard of:

Thank you for taking the time for posting the quiz; it was alot of fun!

birdienl said...

I've watched all the adaptations (as far as I know). North and South is still my favourite, but Cranford is a close second, especially Return to Cranford with the Peggy Bell storyline.

When it comes to reading, I''ve read North and South, Wives and Daughters, the novels Cranford is based on and recently Ruth. Ruth is a really interesting novel about the way Victorian society dealt with unmarried mothers, sad and poignant, but hopeful as well. North and South however, is my favourite novel. Wives and Daughters I thought dragged a bit and Cranford is an amusing collection of stories, but (very unusual for me) I like the adaptation better.

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