Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award has been passed around lately and I've very kindly been awarded by Miss Dashwood, Ella, Melody and Miss Elizabeth Bennet! Thank you ladies, this is a fun award! 

For this award I need to share seven random things about myself:

1. My family and I adopted two new cats last Wednesday. Shawn is black with white paws and "ascot" (or cravat!) and Gus has longer all black fur and golden eyes. They are settling in nicely although our younger cat Gunther is still a bit scared around them.
2. I'm about halfway through reading Dickens' A Tale Of Two Cities and quite enjoying it but I can't wait to start reading Great Expectations.
3. I've been eating a lot of pizza for lunch and dinner lately, like four out of the last five days! Good thing I like pizza! :) 
4. My hair was in need of a trim so my mom gave me a haircut today - just a bit off the ends so it feels and looks healthy now. 
5. Salt & vinegar potato chips are my one weakness! (well lately I've found them strangely addictive!)
6. I've been enjoying Season 2 of Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Theatre. My favorite characters are Matthew, Mary and I'm liking Edith a lot better this season. 
7. The job I have now has been working out very well even with all the snow we've been having lately. When the school has a snow day I get a snow day too! And I love the elderly lady I'm taking care of she's quite something!

Now to award 10 more people:
1. Net Movie Blogger at It's A Wonderful Movie
3. Raquel at God's Daughter
4. Mom Walt at Mom Wald's Place
6. EvaJoy at Between The Covers
7. Elizabeth Bristol at In The Garret
8. Pallavi at Period Movie Box
9. Elizabeth at The Endless Road
10. and anyone else who would like it I award you too! :)


Eva-Joy said...

Thanks for awarding me this blog award! The only problem I have is that I might not be able to find ten blogs that really deserve this award. Oh, well....

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

For Downton Abbey: I know! Edith has improved A LOT in this season. In the first season, I really didn't like her, but now they're showing another side of her. The previous episode was so sad! I can't wait for the next week's.

Miss Dashwood said...

Salt and vinegar chips... mmm. I do so love! I'm more of a tortilla-chips-with-salsa girl myself, but salt and vinegar potato chips are one of my [many] weakness[es] as well. :)
Could you possibly be persuaded to post pictures of your cats?

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